Lord NoobSlayer's Paintball Mod

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     Have you ever wanted to play paintball in Minecraft?  Well, today is your lucky day. In this mod there is:

Instant bases

Supply crates


Paintable wood, and bricks



and so much more!

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LordNoobSlayer'sPAintballmodv2.jar - v12.2 You didn't ask for foods, but i gave'm to you anyways, also the tank is under some testing9.55 MB

Vehicles are coming!

Foods are being introduced

Vehicles are coming!

more armor will be available later


but most importantly.....




Vehicles are coming!

Welcome again everybody! i know i said later this week but, I couldn't wait! I've now added A newer version. Go check it out! the Flags have their own models

Hey, I updated again. Not really a useful update but it stopped me from going crazy over cross-hatched paint splats.

Hey everyone, I did some more fixing and I'm getting close to fixing the splats

good but al ot of textures looks like an other paintball mod and YOU NEED TO MAKE A DESCRIPTION.

I'm not keeping those textures, there temporary. also only the weapons are the other guys. The rest are mine. the reason i used his(with his permission) was because i needed something until i could make the guns 3d.