Lord NoobSlayer's Paintball Mod

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     Have you ever wanted to play paintball in Minecraft?  Well, today is your lucky day. In this mod there is:

Instant bases

Supply crates


Paintable wood, and bricks



and so much more!

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

~NEW Biomes~
-Monochrome Biome
-everything is grey
-Red Wood Forest
-Blue Wood Forest
-Orange Woods
-Green Biome(Debating if I should call it the asparagus forest or the Giant Broccoli Forest)
-Purple forest(This ones a beauty)
-Yellow biome(it's a mix of a forest and a desert so I could't think of a name)

~New Blocks~
-Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and Purple Logs
-Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and Purple dirt
-Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and Purple Grass
-Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and Purple Leaves

~New Portals~
-Biome portal
-Made by Fish & Chips(ps Chips is coal, i just though chips sounded better)

Modification download files

Welcome again everybody! i know i said later this week but, I couldn't wait! I've now added A newer version. Go check it out! the Flags have their own models

Hey, I updated again. Not really a useful update but it stopped me from going crazy over cross-hatched paint splats.

Hey everyone, I did some more fixing and I'm getting close to fixing the splats

good but al ot of textures looks like an other paintball mod and YOU NEED TO MAKE A DESCRIPTION.

I'm not keeping those textures, there temporary. also only the weapons are the other guys. The rest are mine. the reason i used his(with his permission) was because i needed something until i could make the guns 3d.