Geometry Dash Mod

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Geometry Dash themed like items, blocks, and mobs are in Minecraft now. Explore everything in the new world. The mod was to big so click this link to curse forge to download it

Vote now! Brim or No Brim, this change will come in 1.1!









Modification files
Dont download this mod is to big..zipUploaded on: 03/05/2021 - 22:54   File size: 590 bytes

This mod is currently in 1.0, and there will be updates to it soon.

  • 1.0 Content
  •  New Blocks
  •  New Items
  •  New type of creature, the cube and 7 more types
  • 1 New dimension
  •  5 New Biomes
  • New Crafting recipes
  •  There's 2 new blocks with special loot tables, the Trading Table and the Centerratore (Centerratore is a little broken, will be fixed soon.)
  • New Drops
  •  New advancements


You can also find this mod on curse forge., where you will find the download.


  •  Fixed somethings with the Centerratore and the Trading Table.
  •  Fixed animation with the The Rhythm Destroyer.

Nice mod! But I would recommend having the jar and not the sharable zip on here so that people can't yoink your textures and blocks. To get it simply press "Export for distribution".