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This mod was originally going to be for 1.7.10, much like the Dragon Block C Mod, Naruto C, and Naruto Anime Mods since I didn't think that later versions had the capabilities to handle those kinds of things. Turns out, they do. So, I went from 1.7.10 to 1.14, and when that didn't work, I updated to 1.15.2! Think how cool it would be, to have all kinds of anime capabilities in a more recent version of Minecraft! Well, let's get into it.

Hiring developers! You don't have to pay to be a contributor on the mod, just DM me on my Discord! TheGamerCailo#8757

If you have coding skills for mods but don't know what to do with them (or even if you do) please contact me, I would be grateful for your help and you will get credit!

I just wanted to say, before we go into all the details of my mod, credit goes to me for the main development, but also to Ro... also known as Rikudo_Sage on most things, as well as credit to Mcreator, credit to all the creators of the anime in my mod, (Akira Toriyama, Masashi Kishimoto, Hiromu Arakawa, Kohei Horikoshi, Eichiro Oda, and ONE) and finally, of course, credit to the deceased JinRyuu and his brother Ben for creating Dragon Block C and Naruto C, which inspired me to create this mod, and the Mathioks Naruto Anime Mod which got me into anime mods for Minecraft. I never would have played Dragon Block C if not for him.  

Currently, this project is still heavily in development, but I bring to you, Alpha version 2.0 of The Minecraft Anime Mod. This mod brings all your favorite anime into one mod! 6 to be specific. I know for one that I always wanted to combine Naruto and Dragon Ball Mods with them having full functionality together. And yes, while you can do this, some of the features don't work. What really inspired me to create a mod on 6 whole anime rather than just one or two was just that, making full functionality for anime mods to be played together, and also making crazy insane things that have never been seen before in the history of Minecraft. (E.G: Uncannon transformations with unholy power, such as: The Bijuu Cloak, stacked with Super Saiyan, or the Full Bijuu transformation stacked with Kaioken, or Kaioken stacked with Gohan's Potential Unleashed multiplier!) As stated before, this is an Alpha, so there are very many bugs and issues that I hope you will contact me to tell me about. If you have a specific skill set in the world of coding, I gladly invite you to contact me on my Discord and tell me so you can please help me. I won't ask for money or anything for you to be on my Dev team, and in turn, I'll repay you with credits for your contributions. 

As of now, I'm proud to say that this mod actually does make you stronger than the average player, and I used Mcreator! I have to say, I came into this thinking that Mcreator couldn't handle it without intensive coding, and I don't have those kind of skills, so when I found out that you can add attributes to the game without too much struggle, I was psyched!  So, the mod adds attributes. Currently, the attributes aren't working that well. I was on a deadline to release this so hopefully I can get some people to play the mod, and if they like it, reach out to me for more help, because it really is a struggle having to do this with just two members of the team. The main bug with attributes is that you cannot upgrade them! Please forgive me. I added a feature called skillpoints, but it's a struggle trying to get skillpoints when I can't figure out how to give it to the player when they attack a mob! As of the default, the stats do deal more damage than the average player, so hopefully you can make-do with that, but until then, forgive me. To open up the Statistics Sheet Interface, just press C and you can see where your stats are at, or even go to the Skills Sheet Interface or the Character Info Sheet. 

The Mod includes these six mods! In the future, another one may come, (Hunter x Hunter) but as I have not seen the specified anime, I have nothing to go off of. Similarly, I have not seen the entirety of One Piece or One Punch Man, I just thought they would be good features to have in a Minecraft Anime Mod.

  • Dragon Ball
  • Naruto
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • My Hero Academia
  • One Piece
  • One Punch Man

Before you go around punching creatures, hold down the R key. No, this is not a bug if you don't deal damage to mobs, it just means that your Battle Power is at zero! The procedure for deciding the damage you deal is a complex equation, and when you start out, you start out with zero, and as you know, 0 times anything is always zero, so you'll need to increase your power by holding R. There is a little bug with this, though, where the Chakra bar is blocking your power, and since I was on a deadline, it's still there. So just hold down R for a good minute or so to reach 100% of your power and you should be good to go!

The first thing that should happen when you load up the world is the little starting quiz. No, really. We need to know a few things about your character before they start so we can guide them correctly on their way to becoming the greatest anime character! These are simple questions really, but they have a big impact on your gameplay, such as choosing your Race. Races range from Humans to Saiyans, Hyuga, Uchiha, Uzumaki, Senju, Sarutobi, Nara, and Akimichi. Chose carefully, though. Each race has different stats, some better than others, whereas humans are probably at the bottom because they are the most basic and balanced of the races. It will also ask what kind of model you're using, the Four-Pixel/Steve classic model, or the Three-Pixel/Alex model, which is one of the downsides of not using 1.7.10 since armors will look weird if you're using say a Four-Pixel armor for a three-pixel model. If you've picked the Saiyan Race, then there will be another question for you. What Bloodtype are you? This includes The Tainted, or The Defeated. The Tainted represent the kind of Saiyans Goku and Vegeta are, the ones that have a wide range of transformations and can ascend to Divine Ki, whereas the Defeated are more like Broly with less transformations but more rage and power. Like races, The Tainted and The Defeated have specific skill sets that are better than the other, like the Tainted start out with more Ki than the Defeated, while The Defeated start out with a lot more strength than The Tainted. This isn't to say you won't ever et more strength or ki than the other, just that you start off with a smaller supply. 

Once you spawn into the wonderful world of Minecraft, you should get a little sheet of paper in your inventory. Don't throw it out! It's important, at least if you want to have a Nature Type! Currently, it's a little buggy, but when you right click on it, you have a chance to receive a Nature Type, and a rarer chance to receive a Nature Type and its Kekkei Genkai! Of course, there is a small chance that you will come up with no Nature Type, by which I recommend you re-create the world you're in and start over, but that's just me. (Having a chance to get no Nature Types is intentional, not part of the bug.) The bug is though, that when you've received your Nature Type, the Chakra Paper is not consumed from your inventory! Of course, you can't use it again since it's dependent on variables which are set to true after you've used it once, meaning you can't use it over and over, and that's the problem. Since it's useless, just throw it out or give it to someone else who hasn't used it. (Although I don't know why, since they would spawn in the world with one too) I've tried intensively, many different ways on how to consume the paper from your inventory, but nothing seems to work, but it is a nice little feature. As of Alpha 2.0, Nature Types don't particularly do anything, heck, there's only a whopping one Jutsu in the mod as of now, and it doesn't work. But to see what Nature Affinity you've accumulated, press the C key and click the Skills button in the bottom right-hand corner, next to Character Info. There you can see a variety of things that you've selected for your player.

Like holding R, you can hold X to release your Aura instead of raising your power. The Aura, as of now is just a little bit buggy, and definitely not 3D as I would like it to be. (I don't have the skillset to make a 3D aura. The only way I knew to do this was to create a particle, and Mcreator doesn't have access to 3D particles currently. *I'm sure there's a way, but it just takes coding*. If anyone has a way to do this, like I said, look at my Discord link above and contact me!) The mod also adds the Kami Lookout. Be aware though, it only spawns in a certain biome. Sometimes this biome doesn't spawn nearby, so I recommend trashing the world and making a new one if not, but if you'd rather go searching for it, all you have to do is search for a biome that looks different than the others, The Korin Forest biome, and look into the sky for a giant structure. I will warn you, though, you will probably need the Fly skill to get up there. You're in luck, though, because as of now, the Fly skill is free. The Chakra Control skill does not work, but you can toggle it on by hitting the K key. It doesn't turn off though, and that's a pretty big bug that I'm not sure how to fix. 

XxDeath SystemxX

Yes, there is a Death System. And no, it's not what you think it is. You may expect it to be Otherworld. Actually, it's the Gate of Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist. As of now, the Dimension is a little buggy. It's flat, but it displays caves, which it shouldn't. The only way to get back is by command /Earth. Also, there is no actual Gate of Truth, so in actuality it's a just a blank dimension with literally nothing to do, and you have to cheat to get out, so I recommend you try not to die. In the future, I don't know how far, I will add a Gate structure, that once right clicked will bring up a GUI asking if you want to go to Earth, but at the cost of taking points of your attributes, and all the points that have gone to your Alchemy skill.


Items include things like the Z-Sword, which is craftable, but the recipe will change in the future. Also, there are clothes, which are not craftable as of now. Later in the game, the only way you will be able to get them is by finding an Ino NPC, (or spawning her in) and using her custom GUI interface to make clothes with Cloth. The Ino NPC and GUI interface are not in the game, but the Cloth is, which doesn't actually do anything, but can be crafted with two string and a bit of wool I believe. There are also foods. Only three of them that you can actually eat, but a few that go into recipes. These include Ramen, Cheeseburgers, and Dinosaur Meat. The respective anime they go to are Naruto, Boruto, and Dragon Ball. As is, Dinosaur Meat can only be attained in Creative Mode as Dinosaurs aren't in the mod, but one day they will be. Cheeseburgers and Ramen, on the other hand, can be crafted. Ramen is made with a bowl, pork, an egg, and a kelp. Cheeseburgers are made by two pieces of bread, steak, cheese, and lettuce. Cheese is made by milk and butter, butter is made by milk and an egg. Lettuce is made by two kelp. Yeah, I know, that's a sucky recipe, but I don't know how exactly to make a lettuce plant. There are Katchin Shards, which I believe you can find in Dungeon chests rarely, but haven't had the time to check. Also, Bijuu Chakra! Yes, Bijuu Chakra, which will be explained below.

Rarely, decided when you spawn in the world, you could have the chance to have been a Jinchuriki at birth. This means you get the Nature Types or Kekkei Genkai of the Beast. As of now, Kurama is the only beast actually in the mod. Yes, you heard it, I actually added Kurama. He has 9,000 health, which seems a lot right now, but later it will be changed to 13,000! You can't actually get to him in Survival Mode, but in creative, you will be able to get his summoning scroll, and spawn him in a plains biome, since he has to have enough space to spawn. His model is a little off, but that's because I'm not good at finding pivot points. (His hitbox is by his back legs!)

Later in the game, two modes will be added and one can be chosen at the beginning of the game, whether you want to play Survival Friendly mode, or Saga Mode. Saga Mode has hardly any limiters, but unfortunately Survival Friendly mode does, so that you can make Vanilla Minecraft fun to play with in this mod. You can chose whichever one you'd like, except that in Survival Friendly mode, you also can't play the Saga from any of the anime, since eventually, they will overpower you. Certain transformations are limited as well with Survival Friendly Mode.

As of now, there are a few armors in the game. Two out of all of them work correctly, but the rendering for the rest of them is off. I have fixed this problem thankfully, but I need to do a few things before I can release the bug fix, so thank you for being patient!

That's all for now! Like I said, contact me on Discord for help, or even if you'd like to see more features! I will do a showcase on this mod eventually, and when that time comes I will link my channel! Until then, enjoy! 

Modification files
The Minecraft Anime Mod_0.jar - The Minecraft Anime Mod, where your dreams of becoming the strongest anime character come true!4.32 MB

Basically, this mod makes you stronger as of now, adds the Kami Lookout Structure, as well as a Death System, and a biome. As you can see in the picture above it adds a few items, and the Z-Sword! More to come later, of course! As you can see, there are Nature Releases and Kekkei Genkai, but the item for it are not accessible in Survival Mode. The piece of paper you see is the Chakra Paper and can be right clicked to see your Nature Release.

By clicking X you can release your aura, and by C you can open up the GUI menu. When you spawn, there will be a little quiz for the mod, as well as allowing you to pick your Race and Clan. Currently Uchiha and Hyuga don't work. That's all for now, thanks!

I know right! I and CaiGuyCrafter are working together, I help him with coding and he help me with features, and I can tell you, this mod is just awesome.