Earthopia Dimension MOD for Minecraft 1.7.2

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Earthopia Dimension Mod is a Mod who adds Three new Dimensions:

-InfraNether: A Sub-Nether with Mycelium, useful for not having to search a Mooshrom Biome to get Mycelium. Here spawns only Hostile Mobs.

-Icether: A Frozen Nether with Snow, Ice and Lakes of water. Here there are Glowstone and Nether Castles

-Earthopia: A new dimension with Humans Steves, forests, mountains, etc (Is really Bugged).

This mods adds also a Wither armor, and 12 new Mobs:

Ice Pig

Ice Cow

Ice Villager

Infra Villager

Human Steve (Boy)

Human Steve (Girl)

Warrior Steve (Boy)

Miner Steve (Boy)

Warrior Steve (Girl)

Miner Steve (Girl)

Mage Steve

Witch Steve

Release 1.2.0 bugs (Fixed and unfixed):

-In the Icether Dimension don´t will spawn Ice Pigs or Ice Cows, only on the Icether Biome in the overworld. NOT FIXED

-Earthopia is Bugged and probably don´t will spawn Humans Steves, because in the Dimension creator tab the option "Has Dusk/Dawn?" Is bugged and doesn´t work! (I hope this bug will be fixed early), so there are only Hostile Mobs and Squids (Really useless ._.), because there are not luminance :(   MEDIUM FIXED, COWS, SHEEPS AND PIGS SPAWN

-Probably the Added Structures will not be generated :(. Im working for fix it.   FIXED

-You can not trade with the Infra Villagers and the Ice Villagers, but that mobs will give you drops. NOT FIXED (I need help to known how to create a trade GUI like Villagers GUI :( please help me.)



-Added the InfraNether
-Added the Icether
-Added the Earthopia
-Added the Wither Armor
-Added "The Mob Squasher!
-Added "Witch Axe"
-Added "Radioactive Pickaxe"
-Added Human Steve, Boy and Girl.
-Added structures to the dimensions.
-Added a ChangeLog and importants crafts to the Mod Folder
-Added Infra Villagers and Ice Villagers

-Fixed Bugs
-Added Steve Warrior and Steve Miner (Boys)


-Fixed Bugs

-Added Warrior Girl Steve

-Added Miner Girl Steve

-Added Mage Steve

-Added Witch Steve


-Fixed minor Bugs

-Added Spanish Languaje (Spain)

-Added Spanish Languaje (Mexico)

-Added Spanish Languaje (Argentina)

-Added Spanish Languaje (Uruguay)

-Added Spanish Languaje (Venezuela)


  1.3.0 -Added Vampire Steve Girl -Added Vampire Steve Boy -Added King Steve -Added Veteran Steve -Added Vampire Deleter -Added Blood Altar Summoner

I hope you like the mod, i use it in my own .minecraft and works very well :)



Any bug you find it or any help you can give me can be posted in a comment or in my channel:


Sorry for my bad English, I am Spanish.


Modification files
EarthopiaDMOD - Version 1.1, lot of bugs fixed.Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 401.82 KB
EarthopiaDMOD - Version 1.2 with Bugs Fixed and 4 new Mobs added.Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 668.63 KB
EarthopiaDMOD - Version 1.2.1 With Bugs Fixed and now in Spanish and English!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 665.94 KB
EarthopiaDMOD - Version 1.3.0 more things added and in Spanish and English Languajes!Uploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:14   File size: 705.63 KB