The Calamity

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Minecraft Forge mod
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The various nations of the Overworld(AKA Earth) developed nuclear weapons. The Holy Illager Empire was prohibited from this technology, so they looked for magical means of attack. They opened a portal to the Aether and attempted to gather Aetherium for spell tomes and weaponry and armor. The Illagers also opened a portal to Blackwood and explored it. The human nations performed nuclear tests which had overlapped some into Blackwood. This caused the harmless spores there to mutate into something that could turn things into zombies. This mainly affected humans, cows, and horses. The human nations declared war on the Holy Illager Empire, which had found a way to make nuclear missiles from internal spies. A nuclear war followed this and caused the majority of Earth to become a wasteland. That was The Calamity...



Modification files
The Calamity 1.2.jar - The Calamity 1.211.52 MB

Bug Patches:

Swampwood and Skywood can't be replaced by block placings. 

The Aether now has Skystone as it's main stone.



New spawn rates for infected cow

Analog Computer

New Structures

New "Dimension" that transports you into the Heartland Wastes (A Wasteland only dimension)



Wasteland Update



Texture Fix



Entraschkan Region "Dimension" Added



Terrain Generation Fixed


1.2 Snapshot 692021

Temporal Transportation Added

Medieval Era Rivers Are Huge!

Improved Recipe For Transporters

Cronium Added

Cracked Desert Biome Added to Heartland Wastes

Heartland Wastes Made Survival Independent (Can be survived in without outside help or cheats).



Temporium Added

Temporal Overlord Added

Terminite Armor and Weapons Added

Acidic Water Texture Updated


Hey your mod have so bad textures (Sorry but its true :() but the content and idea is very nice up vote! work about textures

Hey, get the base stuff down! Can you help with textures or get someone to help? I'm bad at textures...

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