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This mod aims to make the dessert a much better and cooler place to explore! It will also make the desert a much more suitable place to live. this mod is in a very early alpha so please report bugs if you find any!

I am open to suggestions so please suggest some things you think would be cool! (I will give credits

This mod will NOT be ending any time soon!  Currently there are 3 paintings, 3 ores, (2 are variants), 2 items, 1 armor set, and one achievement.

Modification files
desertplus_1.16.5_alpha1_5242021.jar - early alpha.Uploaded on: 05/24/2021 - 19:16   File size: 118.84 KB

Alpha 1: doesn't add a lot, only adds 3 ores, 2 items, some paintings, and armor.

Good mod! I love the idea of updating the deserts!

My suggestions:
Add a new creative tab for the new items
Add a new structure, maybe like a pyramid or something
Make "sand speed" an enchantment, kinda like soul speed