More Everything Mod

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This is a mod for me to test things and have fun. if their are any errors then let me know and I already know about the reinforced armor texture when being worn is glitched. There will be many more updates to come and I will probably work on this mod for another few months to a year or two. If you have any ideas please tell me in the comments.

Modification files
More Everything 4.jar - It is labeled 4 because it is technically update 4 (the other updates will never see the light of day)Uploaded on: 06/07/2021 - 21:44   File size: 616.2 KB
more_everything_5.jar - Added 1 new biome, added 1 new ranged weapon, and added 2 new tools each having 6 colors.Uploaded on: 06/13/2021 - 23:48   File size: 734.1 KB

(Update 2)

- Fixed a bug were soul and hell dimensions spawned in the overworld.

- Added the haunted forest (A new biome in the overworld).

- Added laser axes and laser pickaxes (With 6 colors each).

- Added healing staff (Crafted with two sticks and one rose quartz).

- Added rose quartz, an ore found in the nether and the huge caverns dimension.

- Added blowpipe that uses wheat seeds as ammo.

If you have any ideas for this mod please reply to this comment, I will check often.