Orespawn 2 mod for minecraft 1.8.9 (Abandonned)

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Orespawn 2!

MC Version:1.8.9

Mod version: alpha

Next version: alpha

Hey guys! my second mod is published!! this mod name is orespawn 2!!!

orespawn site:

http://www.orespawn.com/ Add:The tab,1 new biome,1 new dimension,2 new plants,1 armor set,4 blocks,items & 8 new mobs


-ruby ore drop:ruby gem

-abyssal ore drop:abyssal gem

-the ruby block


-the proctector block with GUI


-The withered plant drop coals

-The moon plant


-The worm scale

-The ruby gem

-The abyssal gem

-The water tear.right-click:Change the toggledownfall

-The earth heart

-The ruby eye


-The abyssal bow

-the ruby pickaxe

biome: the withered biome

dimension:the chaos dimension,the portal frame is diamond block

armor:the lapis lazuli armor


-Worm: 20HP Drop worm scale

-Alien: 20HP Drop ruby gem

-Wither knight:20HP Drop coals

-Elemental:20HP Drop ghast tear

-Fire elemental:20HP drop blaze powder

-Earth elemental:20HP Drop eart heart

-Water elemental:20HP Drop Water tear

-Ice elemental:20HP Drop prismarine crystal


Modification files

You should try a Mod name a little more original than "Orespawn 2"... just sayin'

You should try a Mod name a little more original than "Orespawn 2"... just sayin'

Could you make this closer to the original Orespawn (like adding the dinosaurs, cliff racers, birds, etc.)?

I'm working on a mod like Orespawn but its gonna have way more stuff then well.... this

Hey people it's me gabrielcordonnier from a new account, AND WOW?! HOW THIS CAN GET 3000+ DOWNLOADS ALREADY WHILE THIS MOD WAS REALLY BAD XD