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This is a mod that adds 2 variants of new Zombie Piglins for a while

Minecraft 1.16.5

If you have any idea for Zombie Piglin, feel free to share it in the comment!


He is a dead warrior who traverses Soul Sand Valley and the Basalt Delta. It is very rarely reborn.The Piglins are not afraid of him. He is aggressive against the player


HP: 88

DMG: 8


DROP: 1 Netherite Scrap 1-5 Rotten Flesh 0-4 Gold Nugget , 0-2 Golden Bar 0-3 Basalt Block, Netherite Sword will drop very rarely

It is a Piglin who died a long time ago. His body is partly made of Netherrack and his bones have darkened. He is aggressive towards the player. He hates Strider. When it attacks a player, it sets them on fire for 5 seconds.


HP: 20



DROP: 1-4 Netherack Block, 1-5 Rotten Flesh , 0-5 Golden Nugget, 0-2 Golden Bar

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Rotten_PIglins_Mod.jarUploaded on: 08/30/2021 - 15:58   File size: 64.31 KB
rottenPiglins_burningPiglinUpdateFIXED.jarUploaded on: 08/31/2021 - 16:56   File size: 498.64 KB
rottenPiglinsGreatWarriorUpdate.jarUploaded on: 09/24/2021 - 19:43   File size: 519.3 KB

Rotten Piglins Great Warrior Update

Burning piglin

1. It will be charged after burning in fire for 15 seconds.

2. After charged, it will be able to swim in lava very fast, and even rush outside of lava occasionally.

3. It can be uncharged when it is wet.

4. Absorb 50% of damage when charged.

Great warior piglin

1. Now it has debris armor. Below are the features of it.

(1) It ignores any damage below 3.

(2) Damage is reduces based of the rest of the shield. (Maximun is 95%)

(3) Can be destroyed with 10 "valid" hits. This mean you can't break shield with snow balls.

2. As it also lives in Basalt deltas, where is very tough, it learnt how to climb walls.

3. It's attack has 25% to critical. When this happens, it will deal +20% of its damage and throw target into the air.

Yes. I really need to know how to make a constant swing animation for my mod.. Please...

And no need to explain everything.. Just write the code line in the reply.

Thats what MCreator website is for! Helping other models do things they don't know how..
Thanks. :)

How common is the Rotten Burning Piglin? It seems a bit OP.

Oh and also, piglin suggestion! You should add the Rotten Parasite Piglin, a piglin infested with mushrooms (if it spawns it wasteland, make it nether wart, if it spawns around warped forest make it warped fungus, and if it spawns around crimson forest make it crimson fungus).

If it hits you, it gives you a new effect called "Parasitical" meaning you will randomly take a few hearts of damage. It's not poison where you're quickly drained to half a heart or harming or instant damage where you almost instantly take damage, as long as you have the effect you can randomly take damage.

And, in the first 5 seconds, you'll have the nausea effect. That'll be a heck of a fight!

Drops: Fungus (depending on biome), Parasite (new item coming in a red form with an animation where it squiggles around)

Even cooler, if on a multiplayer server and you kill someone with the parasitical effect, then they will drop their items plus the drops of the Rotten Parasite Piglin, and if a parasitical player attacks another mob or player, that mob or player will also get the parasitical effect and also nausea for 5 seconds.

This suggestion is basically asking for a way to simulate global pandemics in Minecraft.

Haven't tried the mod yet but looks amazing! And I have a idea for a piglin: Rotten Gold Piglin. A piglin made of solid gold is not aggressive to the player unless the player attacks. Drops: 1 gold block on death. Stats: HP: 36 DMG: 3 ARMOR:8
I hope to see this piglin in the mod!