TmTmc-ServerBasics - a mod for server owners

Published by smmmadden on Sun, 12/26/2021 - 13:47
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Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
Latest supported Minecraft version

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Originally released for Forge 1.14.4 on 7/26/2020, this mod has been updated for 1.15.2, 1.16.5 and now 1.17.1 (current file) on 12/25/2021.

  • Updated with latest MCreator Release (2021.3)
  • Compiled with Java 16
  • Upgraded to Forge 1.17.1 
  • PreExisting serverbasicsconfig.json file should be deleted so new one auto-generates
  • Supports SP and MP Servers
  • Code cleanup and performance improvements
  • Can enable/disable Welcome message
  • Added configurable welcome message (supports color codes)
  • Can enable/disable default Player Join message in Action Bar <playerName> has just joined the world!
  • Can enable/disable all commands
  • Players attempting to use a command not available to them will generate a log entry for auditing/security purposes
  • 11 new commands added (1.17.1-1.0.1)
    Command     User       Description
  •     /die             ALL            Immediate Death by being crushed
  •     /rtp             ALL            Random Teleport player somewhere on server (using /spreadplayers command)
  •     /sethome   ALL            Sets the NBT Player tags for X, Y & Z to current location 
  •     /gohome    ALL            Returns player to their (Home setting) used in /sethome
  •     /delhome   ALL            Deletes the current home setting for the player
  •     /healme     OPS            Heal yourself
  •     /god-on     OPS            Changes player to be Invulnerable
  •     /god-off     OPS            Changes player back to being vulnerable
  •     /repair       OPS            Repairs item in your hand
  •     /speedup  OPS            Change players walking speed by a factor of 2 for ~30 seconds (sprint fast)
  •     /feedme    OPS            Sets food levels up to 20 and Saturation to 10 - basically a quick fix when your starving
  • Commands above are enabled for the respective players (ALL or OPS Level 4)
  • Welcome messages configured in more than one mod may be confusing to users.  Make sure you indicate false for those that should be disabled.

Previously added commands

     Command       User            Description

  • /fly-on         OPS            Change flying to yourself or others
  • /fly-off         OPS            Turn off flying of player (will fall if still flying)
  • /getrules     OPS            List current gamerule settings
  • /setrules     OPS            Sets 3 gamerules
  • /resetrules  OPS            ReSets the 3 gamerules to defaults
  • /day            OPS            Sets game to daylight instantly
  • /night          OPS            Sets game to nighttime instantly
  • /gma           OPS            Changes gamemode to Adventure
  • /gmc           OPS            Changes gamemode to Creative
  • /gms           OPS            Changes gamemode to Survival
  • /gmsp         OPS            Changes gamemode to Spectator
  • /rain-on       OPS            Turn on Rain/Snow - renamed to /rain-on for consistency
  • /rain-off       OPS            Turn off Rain/Snow
  • /storm-on    OPS            When raining, starts thunder and lightning - renamed to /storm-on for consistency
  • /storm-off    OPS            When raining, thundering and lightning, turns of the storm (not the rain/snow)
  • /serverhelp OPS            Initial command help for Server Administrators
Modification files
TmTmc-ServerBasics-1.17.1-1.0.1.jar - TmTmc-ServerBasics 1.17.1-1.0.1 for Forge 1.17.1 Build 37.1.1+380.7 KB

in description as it is first upload of mod here