Creepypasta Entity Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Entity Mod Description

This mod is designed to create stories about various entities such as: Herobrine,Entity 303,Nul,Notch,StoneMan,Eyeball,Angel,Vampires,Devil Spider and More!...
But also variations of Herobrine such as Herobrine Cow,Herobrine Golem, Herobrine villager And More..
In This Mod You Can Also Find Various Objects:Various Entity's,Strong Sword,Many Blocks,Many Foods,Many Item,Many Consumables,Many Special Power And Ability,Ecc..


This Mod Offers Direct Experience with Creepy Entities.
The Entities are randomly generated in the world when you least Expect it!..

The Entities Will also be Generated according to the Laws of the Game, Through Commands Or Through The Totems (In Creation)



--I Recommend Always Installing The Latest Version Of The Mod--


Entities Available --Entities Available-[33]--

--Working On Creating AI For All Entities 21/33--

--Working On Creating All Spawn Totem For Entities 3/8 

Mod Features And Categories --The Mod Features Five Categories--[Entity Categories]--[Blood Forest]--[Nithrillium Forest]--[Star Capter]--[Decoration]--

--Write Any Upcoming Bugs And Next Entities In The Comments!

--I Hope You Like My Mod!--
Entity Mod Entities List

1)Herobrine 2)Entity 303  3)Twisted Steve  4)Stone Man/Alfa  5)Null 
6)Eye Ball  7)Skel Wither No Head  8)Steve  9)Devil Ghast (Exploding)  10)Devil Spider  
11)Angel  12)Clawing Stone Moster  13)Super Dobsidian Mutant golem  14)Evil Skeleton

15)Vampire Bat  16)Vampire  17)Red Piranha  18)Herobrine Dummy 

19)Nithrillium Dragon Worm  20)Sand Fantom  21)The Intruder (4335) 22)Wither Warrior

23)Notch  24)Impossessated Player  25)Cursed Item Man  26)Sand Moster

27)Distorted Alex

Herobrine Variation:1- Herobrine Zombie,Herobrine Cow,Herobrine Pig,Herobrine Golem

Herobrine Variation:2- Herobrine Corrupted Villager


Total Entities:33 (27 Normal,6 Herobrine Variation)

Modification files

Hi I am a mod-creator of entity creepypasta
Hope you like my mod! Comment for any problems / or suggestions!