TheSpiderKing73's Explosives Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This Mod Currently Adds Explosive and Non-Explosive Blocks.

Planet Minecraft:


Explosives Crate- Break It To Obtain The Rest of The Items. Crafted as So:
Explosives Crate

Explosive Barrel- Explodes When Damaged (Melee, Ranged, Fire, etc).

Timed C4- When Placed, Instantly Starts Counting Down. Time Can Be Changed, (10 Secs, 30 Secs, and 60 Secs). To Change Time Place in Crafting Table, Like So:

Timed C4 (Time Change)



Wire-Cutters- Allows Players To Defuse The Timed C4.

Thanks To FreddyFoxGam3r For The Idea! (

Please Put More Suggestions In The Comments!

Modification files
  • 1.5.0

-Added Wire-Cutters

-Timed C4 Is Now Defusable

-Fixed Bug Where Timed C4 Would Continue To Tick, Even After Being Destroyed

-Changed Defused C4 Model