Pizzaburger (additional food + other stuff)

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Project status
In development
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Pizzaburger adds 37 new food-related items, including pizza, pizza boxes, burgers, fries, and more.
It's in a very early stage, so some things may be inconsistent or not up to scratch.


Current bugs/problems (bold text means it's being worked on for the next version)

  • Tomato plants spawn too frequently
  • All recipes are shaped when some should be shapeless
  • Some texture inconsistencies
  • You cannot make empty pizza boxes and pizza cannot be salvaged from them later
  • No recipe guide/list yet
  • Poutine is missing, but there is a texture for it
  • Fries and raw fries look exactly the same

Planned features

  • Single pizza box blocks
  • Desserts
Modification files
pizzaburger_0.0.1_for_1.12.2.jar - Latest version download145.15 KB

Released (0.0.1)