Lotta Items Mod

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod has been my pet project since around 2017 (4 years at this point in time). I have made a few different prototypes over the years, resulting in this magnificent creation. Hundreds of hours have been spent creating, in my view, the ideal mod for veteran Minecraft players; a lot of mining and new building materials with loads of weapons. Lotta Items Mod introduces hundreds of new items/blocks, and new hostiles, armors, structures, and dimensions! To weed out my mod from the rest, I have also added a few mechanics that I feel set it a part, like reloading and magazine capacity. Implemented are many machines; some for crafting, some for digging, and some for shopping. Many new foodstuffs have also been introduced, like the sunberry, the cucumberberry, tea, and cooked eggs (as well as a dragon egg omelette). There are many new bosses, as well, including many advancements. For extra information about the mod, like crafting recipes and how to different build portals, check the computer I modded in. Be sure to look out for environmental story telling! I have massive plans in the future of this mod. There is also a new command: /construct. I implemented this for the purpose of positioning the structures for my screenshots.



The 1.16.5 version is now available for download, but this comes with a slight downfall. I fixed some broken mob textures, but this resulted in their weapons and armor becoming invisible. They still have the gear... but its invisible. Some of the textures were ment to specifically have armor, so the overall quality of my mod has been reduced some. :( Will work on this problem.w

Modification files
LottaItemsMod_6.jar - v1.2.213.18 MB
LottaItemsMod1-16-5.jar - v.1.2.414.54 MB
LottaItemsMod1-16-5_0.jar - v1.3.014.99 MB


  • You can now craft emeralds.
  • Added Beryl, Aquamarine, Ruby, Topaz, Opal, Amythest, Alexandrite, along with cut versions.
  • Added Calcite.
  • Added Super Cooled Railgun.
  • Made major changes to the terrain of the Dreadlands.
  • You can enter the Dreadlands again.




  • Be sure to wear a space suit in space or when handling uranium.
  • Added tungsten
  • Added more walls
  • Tungsten Plated Powered Sword
  • Uranium Tipped Powered Sword
  • Tungsten Tipped Drill
  • Tungsten Tipped Chainsaw
  • Lead Lined Fabric, Lead Lined Metal
  • Added new structures for Mercury and Venus.
  • Changed some block names 
  • Added Uranium Door

     Level Two:

  • Additional Biomes
  • Druthium
  • Heavy Spear
  • The Overseer
  • Adamantite
  • Adamantite Armor
  • Crimson Heavy Spear


  • Converted game version to 1.16.5.
  • Added some walls.
  • Added Mutated Wood Fence, Fence Gate, and Door.
  • Modified some weapon swing speeds.
  • Other various tweaks.


  • Biped models` gear are invisible.
  • Thanos Gauntlet does no damage



  • You can find the Purple Rose in a jungle near you.



  • Silver Apple




  • Complete set of Cobalt tools.
  • Silver Bricks/Blocks/Stairs.
  • Uranium Block


  • Updated spear textures.
  • Removed unnecessary texture files.




  • Mercury terrain updates
  • Petrified Wood
  • Silver
  • Ice Geode
  • Ice Crystal
  • Railgun Cooling System
  • Minnow Trap
  • Oranges (has dedicated biome and leaves)
  • Realistic reloading sounds for MOST guns.
  • Cyclops Alien
  • Cyclops Armor
  • Various stairs
  • Hedge

      Other changes:

  • The Automatic Drill now mines Hellfire Crystal.
  • Made various tweaks to guns.
  • Fixed invisible shotgun pellet texture (bullet texture).
  • Removed Chance Machine.
  • Fixed broken Quantum Ore texture.

      Texture updates:

  • Flamethrower
  • Enhanced Vibranium
  • Tea Leaves
  • Water Creeper
  • Hellish Helmet
  • Mummy



       Texture changes for the following items:

  • Crystalite Ore
  • Prismarine Ore
  • Battery
  • Endum Ore
  • Endrald Ore
  • Reality Stone
  • Quantum Sword
  • Quantum Ore
  • Quantum Ingot
  • Copper Bricks
  • Element 119
  • Crystalizer
  • Hellfire Crystal Ore
  • Cucumberberry
  • Relic Piece 1-9
  • Second Trophy Piece
  • Infused Matter
  • Lead Ore
  • Vibranium Wires
  • Quantmosi
  • Quantmosioro


  • Deactivated Hellish Boots still allow for the Hellish Armor set bonus.
  • The incendiary Kalashnikov now has a reloading cooldown.
  • Cleaned up some unnecessary texture files to reduce the mod size.


       New items/blocks:

  • Hellfire Crystal
  • Hellfire Crystal Ore
  • Hellfire Crystal Block
  • Hellfire Crystal Bricks
  • Hellish Powder
  • Hellish Steel
  • Hellish Armor
  • Hellish Steel Tools
  • Hellish Steel Sword
  • Hellfire Tipped Drill
  • Hellfire Phoenix plant
  • Hellfire Infused Energy Cartridge
  • Hellfire Infused Plasma Gun
  • Hellfire Infused Plasma Sword
  • Lava Wand (has a creative mode variant, as well).
  • Element 120 Block
  • Element 120 Bricks
  • Incendiary ammo for the 12 Gauge and 7.62x39mm Calibers.

      Level Two updates:

  • Added Mummies to the Second Level
  • Added structures Tent, Melon Tree, Windmill, and Pyramid to Level Two
  • Added Baseball Bat
  • Added Mace


  • Updated Plasma Gun texture.
  • Updated Battery texture.
  • Reduced bad structure spawning locations.
  • Fixed the Level Two Zombie AI.



  • Updated marble texture
  • Tweaked the stats of the final boss to make for a much better fight.
  • Automatic Drill now supports the Deadlands and the Dreadlands.
  • Nerfed the stats on some artifacts.
  • Nerfed damage dealt by end-game weapons.
  • Nerfed the Dragon Egg Omelette.