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Welcome to the VuclanCraft mod...


After the faillure that was Vuclancraft 2 I'm back with the original mod! 


Planned Additions?:

-The 5 crystal mobs

-The stuff from Vuclancraft 2 that wasn't included in 1

Modification files
VuclanCraft Beta 1.4 Public Test 1.jar - beta 1.4 (the cave update) (public test 1)Uploaded on: 01/09/2019 - 20:00   File size: 1.19 MB
VuclanCraft Beta 1.4 Public test 2.jar - Beta 1.4 (the cave update (public test 2)Uploaded on: 01/13/2019 - 17:28   File size: 1.26 MB
VuclanCraft Alpha 2 1.0.jar - That new update that revived the modUploaded on: 08/08/2019 - 15:07   File size: 1.42 MB
VuclanCraft alpha 2 1.1.jar - VuclanCraft alpha 2 1.1Uploaded on: 09/02/2019 - 07:38   File size: 1.57 MB


02/09/2019 Alpha 2 1.1

The first new update is out and is mostly a revised to the first 2 updates, the undeternable update and the nether update.



  • added the lore orb and bleen lore orb (yes, lore is finally here. The bleen lore orb is a test, more lore orbs soon!)
  • added a new creative tab for lore orbs
  • added porox ore, porox, porox ingot and porox block (a new nether ore used to craft the remaining tools that you couldn't make out of zorox (excluding the hoe))
  • added porox pickaxe, axe and shovel
  • added undeternable ore, a new way to get undeternable ingots
  • added the undeternable desert (finally)
  • added walking cactus and undeternable sandstorm (mobs for the undeternable desert)
  • added undeternable sandstorm in a bottle
  • added the undeternable god (a new boss, the hardest boss yet. But killing it does give a great reward...)
  • added the undeternable orb (for summoning)
  • added the undeternable multitool (the reward)
  • added charm of fire resistance (you know what it does)
  • added blazing ore, blazing and blazing block (another new nether ore, it's a better version of coal)
  • added 5 new advancements (2 for the guardian of the depths, 1 for the molten gem, 1 for the melting gem and 1 for the molten gem boss)


  • zorox sword now does 7 damage and has 800 uses
  • smelting zorox now gives you 3 xp points instead of 1
  • zorox ore can now generate between y2 and y150 in the nether
  • fixed zorox ore not being able to generate
  • poissonous water no longer gives you nausea
  • undeternable berry bush now only spawns in the undeternable biome
  • dark berry bush now only spawns in the dark dimension
  • glowing berry bush now only spawns in the light dimension
  • zonagath lumber is now called zonagath lumberjack
  • crystal cane now only spawns in the infinite caves dimension
  • retextured undeternable ingot (finally)
  • nether spiders are now more common
  • you can now get flint by sifting gravel
  • summoning the molten boss will now remove a melting gem from your inventory instead of a molten gem
  • all charms now have working durabillity
  • ender essence is now craftable
  • the "the dark is going to rise..." advancement now has the dark entity advancement as it's parent
  • the dark summoner, dark golem, dark dimension and dark entity advancements are now tasks instead of goals
  • all biomes now have different names in-game
  • the dark spirit now actually spawns
  • the dark forest m now has the same biome colors as the dark forest
  • endermen now also spawn in the dark forest m, darkion forest and darkion forest m biomes
  • removed the light gun, light bullet and glowing gunpowder


That's everything for now, see you at the next update!

special thanks to kingtorsten for playtesting


08/08/2019 (august 8th) (alpha 2 1.0)

So this has been kinda dead for the last 7 months, and I kinda screwed everything up. But after the faillure of Vuclancraft 2 i'm back in the original! So here's what I'm going to do. As seen by the title of this update we're back in alpha! The updates will be smaller but more common.


-Added 2 new charms, some new items, and a black hole in a bottle wich will delete you're inventory

-Deleted a lot of stuff from beta 1.4 (not all of it though)

-Probably some other stuff I don't remember

-I don't remember because I added that stuff back in march or something


This was the update! I'll see you all in alpha 2 1.1! :)

13 januari 2019 (beta 1.4 public test 2) (the cave update)

This test was released earlier because it has important changes. Nothing to the infinite caves tho, I will focus on that in the next public test or the release of beta 1.4

Changelog: (random order) (using the dots!)

  • dark gem sword no longer works like an axe
  • changed the recipe of the guardian of the depths summoner
  • retextured the guardian of the depths summoner
  • added a creative tab for plants (this update has them (no plants from beta 1.1 (the undeternable plant and flower)))
  • added crystal cane

Only used as a dye, will have more use in the next public test or beta 1.4

  • added light dust
  • added glowing gunpowder
  • changed the light gun recipe 
  • retextured undeternable food (finally)
  • added undeternable leather

Drops from the undeternable breed

used to make armor from VuclanCraft dyes

  • undeternable food is now the rare drop of the undeternable breed
  • undeternable food is now always edible and gives you speed (it was supposed to but never worked) (in the next public test it will give you invisibillity)
  • all candy's are now always edible
  • added undeternable, dark and glowing berry bushes (fun fact: while making the texture I gave it an item texture so it had the undeternable plant texture first)
  • renamed zonax to glowing berry (expect berry retextures soon)
  • renamed undeternable/dark fruit to undeternable/dark berry
  • renamed undeternable/dark fruit juice to undeternable/dark berry juice
  • removed all fruit leaves
  • added crystalblue dye (more dyes coming soon)
  • added crystalblue wool
  • light gem ore will only spawn on higher levels (66-145)
  • made light gem ore less rare to counter this (it's twice as comon as it was)
  • nerved the fruits/berry's

dark fruit/berry has 2 nutrition points

undeternable fruit/berry has 4 nutrition points

zonax/glowing berry has 5 nutrition points

  • anti-gravity lava now only generates in the nether (this was the main reason to release this now)
  • added undeternable leather armor
  • changed the recipes of candypaper
  • added a recipe for the dark summoner (another reason to release this now)
  • changed the name of lightonite armor to match lightonite's new game
  • nether string is no longer a rare drop from the nether spider

that's it for now! Stay tuned for beta 1.4

(same date) edit: forgot to say this but playtested by kingtorsten


9 january 2019 (beta 1.4 public test 1) (the cave update)

Happy new year! Now go play the new test! With tons of things working like they should! Seriously!

changelog (pretty important stuff)

-remade advancements!

Starting with a big one!

11 new (and old) advancements! Basically advancements from start to dark golem

-kinda overhauled light ghast/cube

-added crycanite ore

-added crycanite

-added the guardian of the depths

A new boss! Kill him to get acces to a new dimension...

has 2 phases

-added the infinite caves dimension

a new dimension

very WIP

-added guardian's dust

-added the guardian of the depths summoner

-added cavenighter (or whatever it's called)

-readded recipe's for juices

-added light gun

a unused concept wich was planned for alpha 1.6 (wich originally would be the weapon update)

shoots bullets with (maybe too insane) knockback

-added light bullet

the ammo for the light gun (if you couldn't tell)

-added undeternable grass

because it's finally possible!

now all undeternable biome's generate with undeternable grass instead

-added deprenic ore

-added deprenic ingot

-added deprenic block

-added crystie

-added undeternable dust

you can make undeternable sand with it

-added sifter

sift sand for undeternable dust

now nether string finally has a use again

-added wateraria ore

expect the name to change

-added cave water

used as a liquid for the infinite caves dimension

also spawns in the overworld

-added poissones water

no idea if I spelled it right

spawns in the overworld

-added anti gravity lava

flows upwards

spawns in the overworld and nether

-added wateraria shards

also, plank recipe's are shapeless now so yeah parts of this mod are getting polished! Still nowhere near the release of 1.0 tho :|


other changes:

-made light gem ore a little less rare

-light ghast is now called light cube

it will never fly... so I just gave up :|

maybe once... light ghast comes back

-renamed lightonite miner and zoniac lumber to match the new names of lightonite and zoniac

-nerved zorox sword and armor but increased enchantabillity

-zorox sword now has fire aspect when crafted

-I finally found out that dark stone spawns very rarely in the overworld (thanks to kingtorsten) It will now be a feature

-made light ore rarer

-zoniax is now called zonax

-all igniters are now located in the charms/summoning items tab


retextures (there are allways a lot of them recently so for now retextures have they're own part of the changelog)

-retextured krono ingot

-retextured zonax

-retextured zonax leaves

-retextured zorox sword

-retextured zorox ingot

-retextured zorox


removed stuff:

-removed holy water

it was just leftover from beta 1.2 for the light dimension

It was planned to spawn with a unused structure, the light well

-removed the old recipe for undeternable sand

-removed all saplings because they crash your game

If they still do that


So that's it! The first part of beta 1.4! Enjoy the last version of the mod with a changelog without the formatting tools and overpowered tools (they're gonna get nerved, a lot :|)

Goodbye! (playtested by me (TygoDeMineCrafter/MineCrafterTygo) and kingtorsten)


26 december 2018 beta 1.3.1

-added a fix because the mod crashes (basically deleted juicer) recipe's for juice will come in beta 1.4, no juicer

-also adds some beta 1.4 stuff wich i'm too lazy to list here (11 achievements, zorox changes and a new ore that's currently useless and light ghast will never fly so it's now the light cube)


Beta 1.3: The unfinished update (20 december 2018)

This update was made in 2 days and is a way for me to say sorry for being inactive and not updating the mod. It's called the unfinished update because of the juicer, the most broken thing in the mod!



-added hammer, use in a crafting table with a shulker box to get 3 shulker plates instead of 1

-added juicer, only able to craft apple juice, the input slot is broken (imput slot 1) I don't know why so, sorry

-made ingot/gem recipes in crafting table shapeless

-light miner's now have a light gem as a rare drop instead of light gem ore

-Increased light ghast hp to 300

-light charm now has 500 uses

-lightstone and blocks made from it are now called licanite

-lightonite is now called Nygot

-zoniac is now called Zonagath

-retextured raw gem block

-changed the sky and grass colors from the light dimension

-retextured shulker armor

-added a (temporary) nether wood recipe

-made shulker head recipe shapeless

-retextured bleen ingot

-changed the krono hoe recipe to have the ingot on the left side instead of the right side did the same to the red diamond hoe recipe

-retextured red diamond again


Beta 1.2 official release! 19 sep 2018 (expanding, redesigning and rebalancing update)

-now you can partly see trough zoniac leaves and zoniax leaves

-added shulker plate

-added shulker armor

-lowered the enchantabillity for red diamond armor, but increased toughness

-lowered the toughness for light armor to 2.1 (will maybe be nerfed more in the future)

-increased toughness of dark gem armor but decreased the maximum damage the armor can absorb

-increased light biome hight difference to make them more like mountains

-decreased armor toughness of darkonite armor

-decreased darkonite tools uses to 800


Sup it's me. This is part 1 of beta 1.2, because otherwise the update would take too long.

Beta 1.2 part 1 (28 august 2018)


-added lightonite ingot

-added holy water (doesn't spawn yet or anything and maybe will be deleted)

-added a recipe for lightstone bricks and chiseled lightstone bricks

-added nether tree sapling, dark sapling and undeternable sapling (do not use yet! will probally crash your game like it did by me)

-added lightstone recipe

-added white enderman

-added light ender pearl (You can't use it as an enderpearl (yet))

-added dark golem's eye

-added 2 new charms: defended charm and the charm of the dark strength

- added a new forest biome for the light dimension...

-added zoniax

-added zoniac lumber and lightonite miner

-added bleen block

-added 3 new biomes for the dark dimension: darkwood forest m, darkion forest and darkion forest m

-added zoniax juice

-added darkion wood, planks and leaves

-added raw gem block

-added new advancements (still broken)

-added raw gem block and cooked gem block

-added wooden gear with the worst texture ever (placeholder)

-added ender ore, ingots and block

-added apple juice

-added undeternable desert (still a wasteland with no things like cacti)

-added chiseled darkstone bricks

-added zoniac and darkwood sticks

-added lightonite and darkonite tools

-added corrupted human and corrupted sword


Other changes:

-deleted nether bow

-removed all juice recipes (will come back)

readded light charm as a tool

-retextured the following items: all candy and sweet textures, all gem ore textures, lightdefender, chiseled lightstone, dark defender, molten gem boss, light charm, cooked sword, red diamond ore and red diamond, undeternable sand, sandstone and glass, dark igniter, caramel, nether spider, 

-dark gem block is now called dark gem block

-endermen now spawn in the dark dimension

- fixed the bug that dark entity wouldn't spawn

-nerfed zorox tools

-removed the undeternable plant advancement since there is no undeternable plant anymore

-changed spawn egg dot color for the light defender

-darkstone bricks are now craftable (should probally be listed in additions but whatever)

-light defender can now open doors

-decreased light defender xp to 7

-all juices now have the drink animation instead of the eat animation

-changed the parent of the light charm advancement

-hades ore is renamed to hades gem ore

-harvest level for bleen ore has changed to 1 (was 2)

-light charm no longer has glowing effect since it's a tool now

-lightonite ingots are craftable from lightonite blocks (addition?)

-the tool type of zorox sword is now sword

-crafting recipes for undeternable sand and sandstone

-increased damage from krono sword to 7

-light and dark portal now have an animation


Beta 1.1.2 (6 juli 2018)

-removed undeternable plant, seeds and flower

-removed lightonite shards, dust and dustblock (there will be a lightonite ingot in beta 1.2)

-retextured undeternable sand and sandstone

-undeternable sand and sandstone no longer spawn like ores

-removed undeternable ingot recipe


Beta 1.1.1 (4 juli 2018)

- undeternable candy now says undeternable candy instead of undeternable food

-now you can craft gems/ ingots out of all ore blocks (except lightonite block)


Beta 1.1 (food update) (3 juli 2018)

Welcome to the food update wich adds stuff to the most lacking thing in this mod: unique food items!

-added caramel

-added candy paper

-added sweet

-added candy

-added dark candy paper

-added dark sweet

-added undeternable candy paper

-added undeternable candy

-added undeternable sweet

-added dark candy

-added dark fruit block (cocoa beans are no longer placeholders for fruit blocks in the dark tree)

-added undeternable fruit block ((A lot of undeternable stuff added this update)Krono ore is no longer a placeholder for fruit in the undeternable tree)

-added undeternable fruit

-added dark fruit

-added dark fruit juice

-added undeternable fruit juice

-added undeternable plant (still wip)

-added undeternable flower

-added undeternable seeds

-added a new advancement

other changes:

-zorox sword now has 2100 durability (It isn't that op because you have to get nether wood)

-zorox sword now does 16 attack damage

-cooked sword now has 2000 uses

-undeternable food no longer gives you speed

-red diamond ore made a little bit rarer

(did I mention that each kind of candy gives a different kind of potion effect?;) )

Special thanks to kingtorsten for playtesting this update


Beta 1.0.1 (undeternable readding) (1 juli 2018)

-readded undeternable mass

-readded undeternable breed

-undeternable glass should work now


We've hit beta! Thank you all for 20+ downloads

And now I have the best update yet! The Dark update!

This update adds in a brand new dimension and also has balance changes and fixes some bugs! Now lets start with the changelog!

Beta 1.0 (30 june 2018)

-added the dark dimension

-added dark stone

-added dark cobblestone

-added dark defender

-added dark entity

-added light charm (when you right click with it in hand you'll get night vision)

-added dark gem block

-added dark gem sword

-added dark gem armor

-added darkwood

-added darkwooden plankes

-added darkwood leaves

-added darkonite ore

-added darkonite ingot

-added charms/summoning items tab

-added undeternable sand

-added undeternable sandstone

-added undeternable glass

-added dark piece

-added dark core

-added dark summoner

-added dark golem, the newest boss and the easiest boss (because the dark golem boss is mid-game and the other bosses are end-game)

-added advancement, only one for now, with many more to come!

-advancement: a light in the dark (craft the light charm)

Other Changes:

-zorox block retexture

-red diamond ore is rarer

-red diamond tools durabillity increased to 2000

-krono ore is rarer

-dark gem ore is less rare

-raw gem ore is less rare

-nether spiders are now aggresive/neural

-fixed the bug when you drop an item the bosses spawn

-hardness level of red diamond pickaxe increased to 3

-undeternable food now gives you speed

-zorox ore now actually spawns

-krono pickaxe is now actually craftable

-red diamond shovel is now actually craftable

-removed the undeternable breed (because of problems) (will be readded with undeternable mass in beta 1.1)

special thanks to kingtorsten for testing the update!


alpha 1.6.1                           29 june 2018

-molten gem boss can now be spawned when right clicking with a molten gem

-molten gem is now craftable


Alpha 1.6     the small update                          28 june 2018


-molten gem boss, a spooky new boss with unique drops that are useless for now (please note that everything I add that is useless will get usefull at some point)

-molten relique

-molten gem

-cooked sword (forged with a nether stick, bleen ingots, a light hast tear and a cooked gem)

other changes:

-new texture for hades igniter

-new texture for krono block


Alpha 1.5.1 28 june 2018

Small changes, acts as a fix for alpha 1.4 and 1.5 and a base for alpha 1.6

-added light ghast tear, a drop for the light ghast

-light gem ore has a new texture and now spawns in the overworld

-right clicking with a light gem will spawn the light ghast

-light ghast no longer spawns light defenders

stay tuned for the next update!


  The balance update! alpha 1.5 25 june 2018


Nether Tree:

-increased spawn chance to 10000


Light Defender:

-health increased to 50

-experience amount increased to 11

-attack strength increased to 13

-damage increased to 25

Next update will contain new stuff!


Light Ghast:

-health increased to 250

-experience amount increased to 130


The Light Update! (alpha 1.4) 24 june 2018

Welcome to a brand new update that adds a brand new dimension!


-light dimension (The first dimension)

-light ore

-light ingot

-light block

-hades igniter (I told you gems would get more usefull)(Has bad texture but will get retexture soon(probally))

-light gem ore (currently unable to get in survival

-light gem (is obtainable in survival)

-Light Defender, these tough guys will work together to defeat you!

-light ghast, the mods first ever boss!

-light stone, stone bricks and chiseled stone

-light cobblestone

-lightonite shards

-lightonite dust

-lightonite dustblock

-lightonite block

-light armor and sword


Other Changes:

-Nether Tree now generates with the right blocks

-Undeternable breed now follows you if you have undeternable ingot in your hand


 The Gem Update 18 june 2018

A small update wich brings stuff thats mostly useless untill the next update


-red diamond ore, red diamond, block, tools and armor

-Dark Gem and gem ore

-Hades ore and gem

-Raw gem ore and gem

-cooked gem

-ender gem and ore, a new way to get ender pearls!



Alpha 1.2 is here! wich doubles the content of the mod with this brand new, nether themed update!



-added zorox ore, the first nether ore of this mod!

-added zorox ingot

-added zorox sword and armor

-added nether tree, a rare tree only found in the nether

-added netherwood

-added netherwood planks

-added netherwood stick

-added nether bow

-added nether arrows, required for the nether bow to shoot

-added nether spider, a brand new mob with an unique drop!

-added nether string

-added zorox block

17 june 2018




16 june 2018

Update on the same date as the mod release date

Welcome To An Undeternable Update!


The first update of vuclancraft is here! Expanding the undeterable concept, with brand new things such as:

-added The Undeternable Biome

A brand new biome with new things

-added Undeternable dirt

-added undeternable leaves, wood, and wooden planks

-added undeternable ingots, used for breeding

-added undeternable breed: A new mob that can be bred with undeternable ingots

-added undeternable food


Other Changes:

-Krono sword is now located in the right tab

-removed undeternable mass (probaly will be readded)