Published by MatyasU on Mon, 11/23/2020 - 10:27
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that cute mod that adds cute things and spooky things

If you wanted to in MOTW, go to motw, select torument and it will help us :)


Crab - first little cute thing that doesn't swim

Snail - that thing is cute, but that thing is slimy

Housefly - that cause from drop dirt and scares Spiders and Frogs

Fairy - glowing body of Rarest Fairy Forest biome

Optical Crawler - that small spider with 3 right legs and 3 left legs

Shrimp - that mob doesn't swim like a crab

Tarantula - hunts Houseflies and they are neutral like spiders

Clam - new little ocean chest with pearl, that drops pearl

Sea Star/Starfish - that brown huge that doesn't walk and it's like starfish

Jellyfish - this updated from 1.2 update that added, they are neutral

Frogs and Dart Frogs - that neutral creatures, they attacks tarantulas and houseflies

King Crab - new MiniBoss or Boss into to mod, for the fight, updated from 1.2

Creepling - little cute creepers into to game, that thing doesn't explode and is friendly

Headcrab - that thing from Half-Life Series

Sea Slug - swimming creature that swims in water

new mobs that was added in for image on 1.9 and 2.0

Items, Food and Weapons:

Pearl - that dropped by Clams

Powered Crown - that spawns King Crab

Shrimp [food] - that dropped by Shrimps, it's food

Crab Meat and Cooked Crab Meat - you now use to cooked near by Furnace, Blast Furnace and Campfire

Fairy Dust - that drops by Fairies, you can craft a Fairy Sword

Fairy Sword - that uses like sword but it's rare then diamond sword

Fly Swatter - uses from a Real Life for killing Houseflies, is development tool that added from 1.2

Squid Tentacle - Squids now drops by Squid Tentacles and Ink Sac


Block of Pearl - new block that added into to game first, you can crafted by 4 Pearls like Square

All blocks of Blazium - new wood and wart type of block, i working on 2.1


Fairy Forest - that added actually from 1.2 update

Modification files
Torument 2.0 Update.jar - added new mobs, new items and new wood type in nether, 2.1 update comes outUploaded on: 02/04/2021 - 07:47   File size: 916.69 KB
Torument 2.1 Pre-release-a1.jar - added new mobs and new boss(Grand Slime)Uploaded on: 02/05/2021 - 12:10   File size: 1 MB
Torument 2.1 Pre-release-b1.jar - added new mobs and new texture changesUploaded on: 02/09/2021 - 14:36   File size: 1.11 MB

changes, fixes, simple added and simple removed:

Starfish now doesn't walks

Animals doesn't hurt you if you attacked near by

Flies has changed name Housefly

Spawn Gives - /give @p torument:crab from like this one - /give @p torument:crab_spawn_egg

King slime is not spawning anywhere with his spawn group

Ghastlings now can flies in nether

Warped Worm and Basalt Proud Bug now immune to fire now in 2.0

Fall Guys are added in 2.2

Cerbeus was removed in the update

i was testing a new update today in curseforge, there is

i love the textures for the king slime, housefly and frog :)