All at Once

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Disclaimer: The file for All at Once was corrupted, so there will be no more updates,

All at Once introduces new features to excite you! There are many different blocks, different biomes to explore, different ores to mine, different tools and armor to equip and wield, and much more. This mod focuses on everything in the game, so download the mod and hop into the game or you'll be missing tons of great things!


Known Bugs


-Game can stop responding in Void or End

-Bamboo and tomatoes will delete the block you right click them on

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
AaOFood_0.jar - Update MB
AaOTroll.jar - Update 1.1.2885.4 KB
AaOCaverns.jar - Update 1.1.1735.91 KB

1.1.3 (The Food and Fixes Update):



-Checkerboard Block


-Tomato and Tomato Plants (wild and crop)

-Uncooked and Cooked Pizza


-Candy, Ice Candy, and Hard Candy

-Bees and Beehives

-Debug Beehive (with commands)


-Honey and Honey Blocks

-Honey Bottle

-Bread Slice

-Honey Bread


-Red Potion (wink wink)


-Palm Wood, Palm Leaves, and Oases


-Coconut Milk

-Bee Forest biome

-Corriam Cliffs and Cursed Roofed Forest in Oreworld

-Colossal Cookie

-8 new advancements:

--The God of Chocolate: Eat a Colossal Cookie

--Chain of Fools: Mine a Fool's Block

--Coliseum of Fools: Enter the Fool's Dimension

--According to All Known Laws of Aviation... (wrong name): Kill a Bee

--Honey Hex: Get a Honeycomb

--S-weet!: Get Honey

--Is There an End?: Enter the Void Fort

--Hardcore: Drink a Red Potion



-Lurker model fixed

-New Lurker texture

-Lurker drops Stingers instead of Sticks

-Lurker now has uniquer AI

-Oreworld has Nether generation

-Abyssbrick and its variants are craftable

-There's No End renamed The Final Battle and now follows Is There an End? (giving you guys hints towards what the advancement's about)

-Oreworld shouldn't spawn random mobs anymore (please report if it does)


1.1.2 (The Fool's Update):



-Fool's Gold

-Geode Caves

-Rotatable Cactus

-Strong Dirt and Weak Obsidian

-Fake Grass and Fake Dirt

-Fool's Block

-Fool's Fire Charge

-Fool's Dimension

-Fool's Poppy

-Regenous Potato and Fresh Flesh (not as gross as you think)

-Fake Water

-Trash can GUI and Keybind (press right control)

-Lesser Bottle o' Enchanting

-Greater Bottle o' Enchanting



-Fake Stone requires Fool's Gold

-Redstone generator uses redstone dust and cobalt dust instead of just redstone dust

-All staffs/rods recipes changed somewhat

-Advancement changes:

--There's No End: Changed image to Abyssal Altar (hint hint)

--Fresh From The Abyss: Expanded description

--Arrow to the Knee: Fixed description

--Cobalt! In the Cave!: Renamed Cobalt! In the Cavern!

-Lurker model made more scorpion-like, but they levitate and are REALLY small (will be fixed)


1.1.1 (The Caverns Update Part 2):



-Compressed Blue and Compressed Yellow Geode

-Topaz and Sapphire

-The Trigem

-Oreworld Dimension

-Void Fort structure


-Abyssbrick, Cracked Abyssbrick and Chiseled Abyssbrick

-Aluminum Ingot and Aluminum Nugget

-Aluminum Sword and Tools

-Chocolate Bars

-Void Planks

-Abyssal Altar

-Endergem Ore + Endergem


-Magma Staff, Aqua Rod and Nature Rod

-Iron Rod

-Cobalt Dust and Cobalt Ore

-Scrolls and Scroll of Sustainment

-8 new advancements:

--Arrow to the Knee: Use a modded ranged weapon (Currently has wrong description)

--Cobalt! In the Cave!: Mine Cobalt Ore

--Scrollmaster: Make a Scroll of Sustainment

--Gem in the End: Mine Endergem Ore

--Fresh from the Abyss: Mine Void Essence Ore (Currently has wrong description)

--Abyssal Constructions: Make a Void Essence Sword

--Everyone's Favorite Treat: Eat a Chocolate Bar

--There's No End: This one can't be earned yet.



-Volcanic Crag counts for the Cracked advancement

-Fake Stone can be made with 8 Stoneseed and 1 redstone

-Redstone Generator powers redstone

-Redstone Generator is made with 8 redstone dust instead of one block

-Compressed Red Geode can be smelted into a Red Geode

-Corriam can be smelted into Corriam (bug)

-Void Essence Ore can be smelted into Void Essence

-Electric Wand renamed Electric Staff, uses Cobalt Dust for ammo, and is made with Iron Rods

-Voided Log renamed Void Wood

-Voided Leaves renamed Void Leaves

-Cyra Log renamed Cyran Wood

-Cyra Leaves renamed Cyran Leaves

-Blue and Yellow Geodes can be smelted from their compressed forms and into their gem forms


1.1.0 (The Caverns Update Part 1):



-Ashlands biome


-Volcanic Ore and Volcanic Crag


-Void Essence Ore

-Void Essence Sword

-New variants of the Void biome, Dense and Bare

-Dead Oak Wood and Leaves

-Dead Grass

-Geodes and Compressed Red Geode


-The Living Stone

-Stone Disguise

-4 new advancements:

--Crunchy, Yet Satisfying: Eat an abyss fruit

--Melting Alive: Make contact with acid

--Cracked: Smelt a red geode (yellow and blue in future)

--The Living Tombstone: Kill the Living Stone



-Voidnor texture changed, Voidmor uses old texture

-The Void is not fully made out of Voidnor anymore

-Icebox now has a GUI

-Icebox's recipe is fixed (no longer turn 4 snowballs and a chest into a single snowball)

-Previously unobtainable advancements can be gotten:

--Empty Inside: Create - and use - Empty Shards

--The Void: Enter the Void dimension


1.0.0 (The Release):


-Released mod!

Nice mod :)
Please can you put a little more detail in the description though, saying 'and more' doesn't often make people necessarily want to download your mod.

Update 1.1.1 will be rolling out soon! It'll be another update to the caverns. Expect more ores, a new dimension, a use to volcanic crag, and lots more! Also, LBoE will adopt the name All at Once starting 1.1.1. Also...

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1.1.1 is HERE! Get a handful of all the new features I've added this update! There's so much to do!

Okay so Investedbore already leaked 1.1.3... it's about food! Also, 1.2 is in development right now!

Here's something to be excited about: 1.2 is going to be FEATURE-FILLED! Lots of things will be added. So stay tuned and check in for when it's released!