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If you want to add upon this mod or have specific questions read the following part, otherwise you can skip it!

I kinda goofed since the beginning. The system i used for these modifiers is simple, but at the same time a lot of work. If i were to add this remove modifier feature, i would need to check for every item NBT tag that existed (could be around 100), change the name, color etc., then reapply the modifier on another item. This item could then be used to combine 2 modifiers of the same type to create an upgraded one. This item would then be used with to add the modifier to another tool. Implementing all of that the "brute force" way is stupid, so i will leave this feature out (at least for now). As you can see, this mod is far from perfect!

I added a shareable zip file to this project for a reason. I first of all want to show, what kind of mods are possible with mcreator even without coding. The only coding i used was to simply use the "setAmount(float);" to not have to readd minecraft´s whole combat system. I never knew mincraft has a damage priority before i started making this mod. The highest damage done will always be the one that is applied, no matter what you do (except for setAmount of course. That can only be used in LivingEntityHurtEvent however)! Another way around this without coding is to set the health value of the desired entity to the current health minus or plus the extra damage/resistance. Otherwise you are free to add whatever you want. You can reupload a modified version of this mod, but please credit me and my mod (Workspace is a mess. Just a warning).

If you have an idea, but don´t know how to create it, you can either ask me to implement it or i suggest you to request help with your problem. I am always happy to help people. Questions about code can also be asked.


Tool Modifiers:

What exactly is Tool Modifiers? It´s a mod aiming to add a secondary enchantment like system to Minecraft. Simply put a desired item into the first slot of the modifier GUI ,opened by pressing "m" by default, a blank or specified modifier in the second slot and press "Modify!". Your Item(s) will be granted one random modifier of the selection. While they might seem similiar to enchantments, they are not. You can only have one modifier per item at any given time. These modifiers are strong, have multiple levels and different type of new effects, you might or might not yet have seen.

Current modifiers offered:


Lackluster: Blocks have a chance of simply not dropping

Breaking: Your tool will break easier

Dissolving: Itemstacks have the chance to dissapear out of your inventory

Dull: Your tool deals less damage

Horrible: Your tool deals less damage, breaks easier and blocks sometimes don´t drop


Dashing: Press "C" by default to dash forward (works on item in hand and armor)

Lucky: Your tool has a chance to drop double and the smelted variant of the block broken (works with fortune)

Restoring: Your tool or armor has a chance to restore durability after hitting an enemy

Armor Specific:

Resistant: Armor gets even more resistance (caps out at 90% resistance)

Slow Falling: Reduced Fall Damage and press Shift to fall slower than normal (only works on boots)

Eluding: Have a chance to completely negate the damage of the next hit

Avenging: Enemies that attacked you will be highlighted and debuffed for easy revenge

Zapping: Enemies attacking you will be pushed back

Unburnable: Immune to burning, but not direct fire damage

Indestructable: Your armor is more resistant, enemies attacking you will be pushed back, highlighted and debuffed, you have a chance to completely negate the next attack and your armor has a chance to regenerate durability on hit

Tool Specific (work with bow):

Sharpened: Your tool will deal more damage

Projectile Blocking: Right click to destroy every projectile in a 5 block radius for a cost of 1 durability per projectile

Life Leech: Regenerate a small amount of the damage dealt back as health

Incinerating: Deal far more damage to burning targets (works with fire aspect)

Throwing: Throw your enemy high up in the sky

Legendary: Your tool will deal more damage, be able to block projectiles, give you the ability to dash, regenerate a small amount of the damage done back as health and have a chance to restore durability on hit

Food Specific:

Saturated: Your food will give more hunger points and saturation

Boosting: Your food will give similiar effects to a golden apple

Healthy: Your food will regenerate a small amount of health

Mythical: Your food will give more hunger and saturation, give effects and regenerate health


Got more ideas for modifiers? Tell them!


Right now there is no possible way to remove, combine and readd modifiers to other tools/items (explained at the top).


Remove Modifier Commmand:

You don´t need to enable cheats to use this command. It is used to remove specific NBT tags of the currently held item (Could be used with NBT tags of other mods too). How to use it? "/removemodifier  modifier  level". This will not reset name and color!


Recolor Command:

You don´t need to enable cheats to use this command. It is used to add or readd colors to the tool or item you currently hold. This command exists, because the game does not know how to format "§". If you add enchantments to your modified item, you´ll often see things like "dLegendary 3 Diamond Sword". Remove the phrases or letters you don´t like and use the command like this: "/recolor color(search up minecraft color codes, if you don´t know them)  bold(true/false)  italic(true/false)  underlined(true/false)".


Add Modifier Command:

Cheats are necessary for this command to work. This command is used to add specific modifiers to the currently held item, so you don´t need to try your luck for the rest of the day. How to use it? "/addmodifier modifier  level  color(optional)". This will also rename your item!


Got more ideas for commands or other stuff? Found a bug? Comment them!


Link for zip File:…


Have fun!





















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