Variations & Variety

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Version 1.0.1.

This mod was made together by Shadowdragon019, UserofBricks, & Flakkes!

The main focus of this mod is to add more Variations & Variety to Minecraft. If you feel like Minecraft is to boring, this mod is for you!


This mod currently adds:


Magnifying Glass

Bleeding & Tetanus!

ˢᵐᵃˡˡ Blocks

The People of the Mushrooms





This mod 3 different traps, spikes, a bear trap, & fall through blocks


Spikes are a big part of this mod, they provide a way to defend your home early on. They also can be repair use the material you used to craft them!

Here's an example of me using Iron Spikes on a Pillager.




There's also bear traps! They are very useful if you don't want to constantly use your resources to rebuild your traps!

Bear trap

There a also fall-through blocks which look like normal blocks but you fall through!


Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

The Magnifying Glass is a tool used to analyze spikes! You can give it different lens to see a spike's: Health, Damage, it's SPECIAL, & what Repairs it.

The magnifying glass can be used as storage if given the correct lens.


Bleeding & Tetanus


This mod currently adds 2 effects: Bleeding & Tetanus

Bleeding - Bleeding slows damages you over time. It can kill!

Tetanus - Tetanus makes you loss control of your body and causes you to jump around!


ˢᵐᵃˡˡ Blocks

Small blocks are what you think, small blocks! Small blocks can be placed on the ground or walls & can even be water logged! (◔□◔)

Small blocks


The People of the Mushrooms

The People of the Mushrooms aren't actually what The People of the Mushrooms are called. The People of the Mushrooms are actually called Mushys!

Mushys come in 2 variants: Red & Brown. Mushys do not like each other as a result a gang war will happen if they come into contact with each other.

The Brown Mushys are more hostile & powerful then the Red Mushys. To compensate for this the Red Mushys spawn in bigger groups.

A Mushy gang fight



Amethyst is a new ore that spawns in the Overworld. It can be crafted into armor, some tools, & blocks.

Amethyst also comes pre-enchanted!

I have no clue about anything else about Amethyst, it was on of the first things made in the mod & I don't feel like re-opening up MCreator.


Join our Discord server!

We suggest using JEI with this mod

Sorry for the meh images, we'll get better ones in the next major update

Modification files
Variations & Variety.jar - Version 1.01.24 MB
Variations & Variety v1.0.1_0.jar - Version MB

Version 1.0


Version 1.0.1.

Fixed a bug relating to bear traps

 - [Bug fix] When a flying entity got caught it a bear trap it would send "HE IS FLYING!!!" to all players

Just added the link to our Discord! I forgot to add it before sorry about that for those who wanted to join the Discord.