Actual Stonecutter Damage

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I know what you're thinking.


In a game with deadly cacti, terrifyingly dangerous monsters, and interdimensional threats which can snap the player in half like a Pocky stick, a rapidly-spinning sawblade can't do anything. Today, it comes to an end. With the Actual Stonecutter Damage Mod, the Stonecutter now affects the player for what it is — when standing on or near the regulation-breaking sawblade of the Stonecutter, there is now a chance for the player to be wounded by the blade. 

Modification files
ActualStonecutterDamage_1_0_114.jar - This mod is for version 1.14. I hope you enjoy it!19.56 KB
ActualStonecutterDamage_1_1_115.jar - This mod is for version 1.15.2. I hope you enjoy it!19.72 KB

1.0 – Release.

1.1 – New version for 1.15.2. Functionality unchanged.

Nice mod :D
I like that you made a good logo and description even for a simple mod like this