Spectral Horror

Published by 12_Seconds on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 12:23
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Spectral Horror


This mod includes many creepy elements. Three mobs, one boss, a new biome and a new dimension, two new tools, and a new set of armor.


Portal: Like a Nether portal, but it is built with Spectral Stone and activated with a Spectral Portal Activator

Activator: Made with End-stone at the corners and an eye of Ender in the center, this can also be made by smelting down an End crystal

Ingot: Harvested from a Spectral Ore block.

Ingot+: Made by filling the crafting table with spectral ingots

Spectral Sword: Like a normal sword, but with spectral ingots.

True Spectral Sword: A spectral sword in the middle surrounded by 8 pieces of ingot+


Specter: Found in the Specter dimension. Is very fast

Never-Dead: Throws fire charges, when you hit it, another one appears.

Woeful Spirit: Acts like a Never-Dead, but another one does not appear when hit.


There are known problems with the skin of the woeful spirit and the Never-Dead

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Nice mod :)
Please can you add screenshots of your mod though?
Also remove the white background on your image. mcreator.net/wiki/modification-publishing-guidelines