unusual objects and blocks and more

Published by cool oleg on Tue, 05/17/2022 - 12:48
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This mod adds various interesting items, say, a drill or a petrifier that can turn some blocks into stone (read the update sheet). and a drill can drill a circle of 3 by 3. I will update the mod and will not abandon this project. I think this mod will make minecraft easier for a professional. since my tools make it easier to obtain various resources in some regions, for example, in some biomes, it is very difficult to find a stone.



Modification files
unusual objects and blocks and more_2.jar - download mod version 0.5 - secret update to 1.16.5Uploaded on: 05/24/2022 - 16:10   File size: 229.19 KB

version 0.1

  • new items


it turns earth,sand,stony earth and gravel into stone


pearls in the upper right corner a bucket of lava on the cage below and a bucket of water to the left of the pearls a stone under a bucket of water and a stick in the lower left corner


breaks a circle of stone 3 by 3.

can break bedrock. :)


the diamond is in the upper left corner under it is iron and to the right of it is more iron under this iron is a redstone and under it is a thread and to the right of it is a stick


he breaks a block of gold or iron and divides them into 81 nuggets


the stick in the lower left corner on the right is a stick, and above this stick to the right of it is iron, and above it is iron


version 0.2

  • Potions

         Potion of Slow damage

it kills the entity after 100 cycles


mix the poisoning poisoning potion and tear gast

        Potion of Instant healing

restores all lives


mix the healing potion and the pearl of the edge

       Potion of Instant starvation

reduces hunger to 1 unit


mix a bottle of experience and dried seaweed

version 0.3

  • ores


ordinary ore is found in about the same way as iron can be made from 9 ingots, a block cannot be made of armor and tools

  • block

                  Table opposites


fire powder the middle cells on the right and left above them are mossy cobblestones and between the mossy cobblestones is a mossy cobblestone under it is a stone and under the stone is a block of titanium on the left and right of the block of titanium is titanium

              table crafting opposites

in the 2nd cell of the table the opposites are always a diamond

               1 CRAFT

if you put the earth in 1 cell, then you get a bedrock and vice versa

               2 CRAFT

if you put 1 bucket of water in a cell, you will get a bucket of lava and vice versa

version 0.4

           Generator life

right-click to restore all lives


in the middle there is an iron block on the right and left and below it there is an iron nugget, above the iron block there is red paint, in the upper left corner there is a bubble of water, in the upper right corner there is a growth of nezer, in the lower left corner there is a tear of gasta, in the lower right corner there is a pearl edge

           Experience generator

when you click on it with the right mouse button, an experience ball appears


In the upper middle cell pearl edges under it an iron block under the iron block yellow dye, in all other cells bubbles with experience

  • items

           Pearl experience

it works like a pearl of the edge, but with a reduced range, and when it flies and emits experience balls

and with a very 2.5 unit damage


in the middle cell there is a pearl of the edge around it 4 bubbles of experience

           Nugget pearl edge

it works like a pearl of the edge but with a small range

and with very little damage


put a pearl of the edge in any cell and you will get 9 of these, if you put all 9 in the workbench, you will get 1 pearl of the edge

version 0.5 - secret update

My mod is already 5 versions! Hurray! This update is made so that you can find the addition yourself!