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Published by KeMarcY on Sat, 05/21/2022 - 11:15
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ICE (I Craft Everything) is a mod that will add recipes that everybody wants in the game! It will add custom items that will help craft these items, some of them can be used for handy things (like the Experience Sac for storing XP). It'll also add "tweak recipes" for items that you can get, but it should have more ways to get them (like leather from rotten flesh). And the most important ones are the uncraftable items, that need recipes. I tried to keep them balanced, so you can't make a lot of bedrock for example. This mod also will be updated by YOU guys! So please leave feedback about bugs, and what should I add in the next versions?

Special thanks to Mysticat, because he gave me some ideas for the recipes! You can watch his video here!


Custom Items

-Blind Eye of Ender: No use yet, but you need it to craft the end portal frame. [Crafting: Place an Eye of Ender in a Furnace]

-Elytra Panel: You need this to craft an elytra. [Crafting: 1 Phantom Membrane, 3 Strings]

-Experience Sac: You can store 50XP in one sac. [Crafting: 1 Ink Sac, 3 Glow Sac]

-Warped Wart: The Warped version of Nether Wart. Interesting, it looks tasty. [Crafting: From a Wart Block]



-Rotten Flesh to Leather (In a furnace)

-Wool back to Strings

-Stone to Cobblestone (In a Stonesaw)

-Obsidian to Crying Obsidian (In a Stonesaw)

-Glow Berries to Glow Stone

-Nether Wart Block back to Nether Warts


New Recipes

For recipes I recommend JEI!

-Bedrock [Crafting: (Smithing) Obsidian + Netherite Block]

-Web [Crafting: 4 Strings]

-Dead Bush [Crafting: (Furnace) Any Sapling]

-Spawner [Crafting: 4 Iron Bars, 4 Golden Apple, 1 Totem of Undying] 

-Ender Portal Frame [Crafting: 2 Endstone, 2 Emerald Block, 1 Blind Eye of Ender, 1 Netherite Ingot]

-Skull [Crafting: 7 Bone Block]

-Wither Skull [Crafting: 1 Skull, 4 Crying Obsidian, 4 Coal Block]

-Saddle [Crafting: 2 Iron Nugget, 5 Leather, 1 Wool]

-Name Tag [Crafting: 1 Iron Nugget, 2 Paper, 1 Ink Sac]

-Totem of Undying [Crafting: 2 Emerald, 3 Gold Block, 1 Golden Apple, 1 End Crystal]

-Bell [Crafting: 3 Log, 3 Gold Ingot, 1 Iron Nugget]

-Elytra [Crafting: 6 Elytra Panel, 1 Nether Star, 1 End Rod]

-Grass Block [Crafting: 1 Dirt, 1 Seed]

-Sponge [Crafting: 8 Wool]

-Horse Armor [Crafting: 4 "material", 1 "material" helmet, 1 saddle]

-Chain Armor [Craft like normal armor (material = chain)]

-Glow Ink Sac [Crafting: 1 Ink Sac, 3 Glow Stone]

-Bottle O' Enchanting [Crafting: 5 Bottle, 4 Experience Sac]

-Trident [Crafting: 2 Prismarine Shard, 3 Iron Ingot]

-Enchanted Golden Apple [Crafting: 4 Experience Sac, 1 Golden Apple, 4 Gold Block]


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