Alpha Blocks

Published by dmcanz100 on Sat, 09/03/2022 - 10:09
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Old nostalgia! Get back to 2009-2010 in this AWESOME MOD PACK!! Including your classics: Grass, Cobblestone, the old Planks and so MUCH MORE! Try this OUT NOW! plus... ITS FREEEEEEEEEEE! (dont get the joke play roblox) 

Story (lore) ----------

Hi. This is me, dmcanz100. I recently found MCreator and I liked how it works. This mod was originally a Kirby mod back in early 2022. Clearly didn't like it so I ditched the platfrom for a few months. YouTuber ImNotaCasualty made several videos on it so I decided to come back to it. I loved Minecraft Alpha and I want it in modern minecraft. For a while, I searched anything for a mod with only the blocks. But nothing. Then, I went on to MCreator, and started Alpha Blocks.

Modification files
Alpha Blocks 1.1.1 Mod (download here).jar - This is version 1.1.1 (latest version)Uploaded on: 09/06/2022 - 07:30   File size: 8.15 MB

1.1.1 version

  • Fixed Alpha Log not rotating like a normal block would.
  • Changed block model for Alpha Grass to be grass (sounds need to probably be added next)

1.19x support coming soon... (along with 1.18x)