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SpiritKraft is a mod that ive been working on that introduces new mobs, items and a new dimension the "Spirit Realm"

Now this made is in early alpha and will be updated when i can work on it. Also i would like to make a mod where YOU are involved Tell me the items YOU want the Mobs YOU want and ect. Well thats all for now Cya.

{Oh also heres some info on the items in this mod.}


                              To make a [Spirit Ingot] you need 6 [Spirit Nuggets] Shaped like that

                              And you will get 1 ingot. also to get [Spirit Nuggets] you need to mine [Spirit Ore].


                             To make [Spirited Coal] you need one [coal],4 [Spirit Nuggets] and 4 [Spirit Ingots].


                             To make the [Block Of Spirited Coal] Just put 9 [Spirited Coal] in like the picture above.


                             To make the [Spirit Candle] you need 2 [quartz],4 [Spirit Nuggets] and 1 [Spirited Coal].

                             This is for making the [Spirit Realm Portal] Work


                             To make the [Spirit Hilt] you need 5 [Spirit Ingots] and 1 [Iron Ingot] And shape them how it looks above.


                             To make the [Spirit Blade] You need 3 [Spirit Nuggets] and 4 [Spirit Ingots] and shape them how it looks above.


                               To make the [Spirit Sword] Put the [Spirit Hilt] and [Spirit Blade] Together shown above.


Modification files
spiritkraft_0.1.jar - Alpha 0.1 For Minecraft 1.10.2Uploaded on: 12/27/2016 - 09:34   File size: 336.39 KB

This mod looks good! I can't wait to try it! How about a ghost mob since this is called "SPIRITkraft" and a spirit ceptor that can spawn good ghosts

@#2 Haha its funny you said that. cause thats what im working on. Although im having issues with skins They are kinda broken and im not sure how to fix it (If you look at the Spirit Bugs there also kinda broken) But until i know how to fix it i'll just leave it and add the {Spirit Scepter} / {Spirit Staff} Im glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback :D