World Takeover 2

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This  Mod  Adds:Mobs,Food,blocks,fluid  &  potions. 



500 Health

5 Attack  Damage

This mob has 3 attacks: Shooting, Placing cursed fluid (to kill more mobs) & Placing TnT  when it falls. It is also the rarest attack that might be removed cuz it doesn't do the attack. (tnt attack)

He will drop a dead version of him when he is killed.

He will drop his eye when killed.



40 Health 

3 Attack Damage

It will place flesh blocks when it falls.





60 Health

It has 20% chance to spawn a Flying Head when hurt.


Flying Head:

100 Health 

6 Attack Damage





150 Health

12 Attack Damage


Flesh block:

The regular block that infectors will place.

It doesn't do anything to the player.



Important note for moderators:If there is anything I should change you can tell me. I'm new to this website.


Report any bugs in the comments.


Note:The items are revealed & recipes.


Cursed Fluid:

This Fluid is worse than lava. It will give you the curse potion effect when you're in it.





Flesh Minion:

20 Health

4 Attack Damage

Info:Flesh minions have a walking animation.





Ancient Heart:

800 Health

16 Attack Damage

Info:Ancient Heart is a New Boss That has been added to the mod. It has 20% chance to spawn 1 Flesh Minion when hurt. It will Drop a Bombering Heart when killed.



Bombering Heart:

It is a Ranged Weapon That shoots eggs that explode when the egg touches a block/entity/player.

Great for killing Bosses but dangerous.

Image:  file:///C:/Hussesmaycam%20mcreator/Bombering%20heart%20png.png

Just take the link and put it in a new tab.




Infector Flesh:

The Flesh of a Infector. Infectors will drop this Item when killed. It doesn't have any uses.

Image:  file:///C:/Hussesmaycam%20mcreator/infector%20item%20png.png



Spawn Golems (item):

This item will make spawning golems easier. The description of this item will explain how to spawn a iron golem or a snow golem easier. To make it faster for the iron golems to fight another mob. You will be able to spawn golems with this item.


Very Solid Flesh Block:

It's a stronger Version of Flesh Block. It is Harder to Break. This Block cannot be placed by infectors.

But it still doesn't do anything to the player.




You can eat it. You will get regeneration for 27 seconds when you eat it.

Can be crafted using 2 sky piece's, 2 Bone Meal's & a glowstone dust in the middle.


The link above is going to show you how to craft a medkit. Take the link and put it in a new tab.





Sky Piece:

A item that can be used to craft medkits. Its dropped when a flying head is killed. this item was in the mod before the update its a note. just like the medkit.




Cursed Potion:

Its a potion that will give you the curse potion effect when you drink it. Note:This potion is not in the world takeover tab.

I dont recommend you to drink it. You will need a mundane potion & magma cream then put the blaze in the brewing stand to create cursed potion.



Everything in this mod was made by me (hussesmaycam) as you can see in the project members.

Warning:This mod requires forge 40.1.0

I want to say that this is my first mod I uploaded. So I remember that this is the first one.

Thanks for reading the description now you know a lot of things about this mod!

If you want to help me you can check out this forum:





Enjoy lol


Enjoy lol.

Modification files
World Takeover.jar - 1.0.0Uploaded on: 09/03/2022 - 20:53   File size: 723.55 KB
World Takeover 2.jar - 1.1Uploaded on: 09/08/2022 - 21:01   File size: 803.51 KB

Added New Boss (Ancient Heart)

Added New Item 'Spawn Golems'

Added New texture for mob 'Summoner'

Added New Weapon 'Bombering Heart'

Added New Item 'Infector Flesh'

Added New Block 'Very Solid Flesh Block'

Added New Mob 'Flesh Minion'

Added New Texture for block 'Flesh Block'

Added New Texture for Mob 'Bremoheth'

Added New Death Message

Can you play the mod? are there any problems in the mod? you have to tell me so I know.