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So I am new to modding Minecraft, so I decided to start with TOPAZ. Its tier is between stone and iron. Topaz is also a decorative material. You can't make armor, but you can make tools. Topaz also increases the speed of weapons.

Topaz is VERY important to the game, since it is easy to find and also very strong!

This mod is probably bad, so please report any bugs.

Tell me is you want more mods! Give me ideas.....

New Features added

A new achievement!

A new ore!

The ore is topaz!

New tools!

Including your favorites, plus.....

A spear!


A topaz cave biome?!?!

This biome is FULL of topaz. It can generate within caves. You can find an ample supply of stone and topaz in this biome.


New blocks?

Yes sir! This mod features Topaz Block, Topaz Bricks, and more...

A new way to uncraft these custom blocks?

And more to explore....

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Topaz - TOPAZ MOD?? Expiremental.Uploaded on: 09/17/2022 - 15:20   File size: 54.62 KB

made by an idiot