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Now available on curseforge!


I was playing vanilla Minecraft and I notticed that copper were "everywere" but deosn't have his equivalant in armor and tools. I also think that will be great if a wooden and an amethyst armor was in game. So I decied to add my personnal armor and tool from each materials (oak, copper and amethyst) and the crafting recipes for the saddle and the horse armors to minecraft 1.18.2 to enhanced your experience in game. Hope you enjoy! (I also add oak, copper, amethyst, gold, diamond and netherite hammers. They can mine in 3*3. They also have a special craft).


Thanks for those who will download my mod on curseforge and for those who download before the curseforge update :)

Feel free to use my mod in your mod pack, but please mention me ;)

If you want to make suggestions or any other request, here is my adresse : or you can go on my forum named My Sweet Additions (or the other one made for updates name My Sweet Additions Updates).

The file is the old version of my mod ! /!\ For the newer, please go on "" and search for "My Sweet Additions". /!\

Modification files
My_Sweet_Additions_v0.1_0.jar - This is the old version of my mod for the newer, please go on "" and search for "My Sweet Additions"Uploaded on: 10/02/2022 - 06:42   File size: 99.53 KB
  • The v0.1 version add copper, oak and amethyst armor, and the tools from each material and the crafting recipes of the saddle, and the horses armor.

  • The Alpha realese add specials hammers from oak, copper, ametyst, gold, diamond and netherite + some advancements

The NEXT UPDATE of my mod will be the addition of a gold, diamond and a netherite hammer (v0.2)

The upgrade should be here by late morning, or late afternoon at the latest. Thanks for the people who download my mod!

Have fun!

The Alpha Release is here! Enjoy and thanks for those who downloaded my mod!

Feel free to reply my comment to give your feedback about your in game experience.

Have fun!

NOTE : If you want me to upload my mod for Minecraft 1.16.5, you can say it below, or go to my forum name My Sweet Furniture Updates.

Thank you