TimeWarped !

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go back in diferent chronology of dimensions where you have to change the future of the dimention

this is inspired from sonic cd

description wip

Past Dimention


Overworld : is the old overworld formation


nether : this located before the overworld and buried or transformed


end : is space because the end was not really created or formed



Future Dimention


Overworld : is a world invaded or infested


Nether : is logically the continuation of the formation of the nether


end : is dominated by an energy



How to time Warping ? 

in the world that it is in the dimension you will rarely find these posts warp
or if you are creative you can make them spawn with egg
you have to do as in the gif








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beta 7_0.jarUploaded on: 12/01/2022 - 19:58   File size: 8.66 MB

Such a cool mechanic, but I wish the dimensions were more alive than they are at the moment 😉