Undead Unleashed!

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This is a complete remake of Undead Expansion. It's a Forge mod aiming to expand upon undead creatures and not only undead ones, adding a darker vibe to Minecraft while keeping the vanilla feel.


Currently supported Minecraft versions: 1.18.2, 1.19.2



Geckolib, Curios API


Compatibile with:

Better Combat


Also available on Modrinth and Curseforge



  • Mobs

Hiding in the dark they strike from the shadows while only their haunting white eyes can be spotted. When an invisible Shadewraith attacks, it's target gets blinded. Taking or dealing damage to this mob temporarily interrupts it's invisibility. Like most undead, it will burn under sunlight.



  • Bones
  • Cursed Cloth

A vengeful spirit emerging after it's body is killed. When a humanoid mob (examples: Zombie, Skeleton, Villager, Illager, Piglin, Flamebreather or Frenzied Knight) dies there's a small chance for a Haunter to spawn. They can also appear naturally, but only in Soul Sand Valleys in the Nether. Their attacks cause Slowness. Like most undead, Haunters burn under sunlight.



  • Lost Soul (always, but only if killed using a Reaping Scythe)

Frenzied Knight
Undead warriors wandering aimlessly during nights or underground. They wear tough armor made from Grave Metal making them stronger and immune to knockback. When attacked, a Knight will raise a shield to block next incoming attacks. If you are foolish enough to attack while his shield is up your strike you will get shortly weakened and slowed down. After some time he will hide his shield and slash using his sword in a bigger range. Unlike most undead, Frenzied Knights don't burn in sunlight due to their helmets protecting them.



  • Bones
  • Grave Metal Ingots
  • pieces of Grave Metal armor including the helmet (uncommon)

Fiery brutes native to the Nether Wastes biome. Their hellish origin makes them immune to fire as well as knockback. As it's name suggests it will incinerate you with it's breath if you threathen it. Alternatively it will use it's wings to fly upwards and then drop down igniting and knocking up nearby mobs.



  • Ghost Peppers
  • Demon Horns

An undead lich capable of using soul magic. He can be found in Soul Sand Valleys or anywhere during a Full Moon in the Overworld. He can shoot soulfire projectiles that can partially ignore armor. When he reaches half of his maximal health his next ranged attack will be followed by summoning 4 Skeletons from the ground. Burns during daytime like most undead. This mob was mainly inspired by the Nameless One/Necromancers from Minecraft Dungeons.



  • Bones
  • Grave Metal Scraps
  • Necrotic Dust


  • Gear and materials:

Grave Metal - a material used for most recipes in the mod. Vanilla skeletons will often wear basic weapons and armor from this material except for the helmet which is exclusive to Frenzied Knights and cannot be crafted. Grave metal scraps can be dropped from Skeletons or Grave Soil and are used to craft ingots. A Grave Metal Scrap and be smelted into an Iron Nugget making Iron more renewable. Perhaps this will be a sort of an alternative to the infamous iron farms, please let's stop the Iron Golem genocide :(

Lost Soul - a materialised spirit  of a mob. Mainly used as a crafting material for soul related stuff without the need to go to the Nether! Also serves as ammo for the Tome of Reflection.

Ghost Pepper - a food item that when consumed burns both your tongue and your enemies. Makes you breath flames much like a Flamebreather, who can drop this item. The Flame Breathing effect can be removed by drinking milk or entering a water pool.
Demon Horn - a horn of a Flamebreather, gathered by slaying one. Used for crafting Bone Meal or a Trident, will get more uses in the future.

Necrotic Dust - powdered bones infused with the essence of a Graveriser. Used as a crafting material for the Tombdigger or Reaping Scythe.

Charstone Shard - acquired from breaking Charstone blocks, is a fuel that can outlast Coal in a furnace. Can also be combined with an Iron Bucket to create a Lava Bucket without needing a lava source nearby!

Cursed Cloth - a piece of old shadow-infused fabric, dropped by Shadewraiths.

Reaping Scythe - can harvest Lost Souls from slain mobs. It has high damage, but is a little slower than a sword.

Tombdigger - a shovel and a weapon at once! It has decent mining speed exceeding Iron a bit. Hitting a walking will get temporarily buried in the ground recieving the Grounded effect which immobilizes the target and deals damage over time. It won't work on mobs jumping, in mid-air or flying mobs as they need solid ground below.

Moonlight Greatsword - hit an enemy in melee to then shoot a damaging wave of celestial light. It's obtained by upgrading a Netherite Sword, but this recipe is just a placeholder for now. It's a reference weapon that appears in a vast majority of FromSoftware's games.

Tome of Reflection - a spellbook curio that can protect you from damage unleashing a small soul explosion. Requires Lost Souls to work and consumes them on use.


  • Grave Metal - an upgrade to chainmail using Grave Metal Ingots. The helmet is an exception and cannot be crafted, you must hunt Frenzied Knights to get it and obtain the full set. Going below 8 hearts gives you Resistance 3 to keep you fighting! Very durable and suited for combat.
  • Nightweaver - made from Cursed Cloth and Phantom Membrane, gives you Shadow Form (true invisibility, speed boost and some smoke particles) when sprinting. Engaging in combat will interrupt this ability shortly. Great for moblility and stealth, doesn't provide as much protection.



  • Blocks

Shaded Bricks - cool building block with variants, crafted or found at Burial Sites.

Charstone - found in Nether Wastes in clusters, has a second variant - Charstone Vent which is dangerous to step on as it ignites and blinds anything that stands on it, so better navigate the Nether Wastes with caution!

Ashthorn - a plant growing exclusively on top of Charstone. Currently is just a decoration and nothing else really, just looks cool.

Grave Soil - found in Burial Sites. When looted at day it will drop common stuff like Bones, Grave Metal Scraps and Gold Nuggets and some experience. At night it gets more interesting. Then the loot pool is enriched with Gold Ingots, Skeleton Skulls, and less commonly, Diamonds! But there's also a downside. During nighttime a Skeleton might jump at you for defiling it's grave. Higher risk, higher reward! This block can be mined as it's raw version using Silk Touch.



  • Worldgen


Burial Sites - small structure like features you can sometimes stumble upon when exploring the Surface. Can be found practically anywhere where there is grass, so it should work with any biome mods.




Nether Wastes improvements - instead of just netherrack and fire, you can find more lava and Charstone patches along with Ashthorns and Charstone Vents. Makes the biome fit for Flamebreathers to call home!







A:Not planned

Q:Fabric port?

A:Not planned. 


A: In progress, I just have some issues with it so you may have to wait a while.


A:I don't really feel like updating to this version + Wait for 1.19.4 first

Q:Can I use it in modpacks, videos, reviews?

A:Sure! It would be greatly appreciated!

Q:Can I repost this mod?

A:Not without my permission. If I allow the mod distribution to a separate website, the download option MUST be linked to here, the official mod page on Curseforge or Modrinth.



  • Don't download this mod from sites outside Curseforge, Modrinth or MCreator websites. If 3rd party websites have an option to download the files on their own. These are not approved by me and I don't take responsibility for any issues with these files.
  • If you want to report a bug, go ahead, post a comment. If it's a full on crashlog, provide a pastebin.com link in a comment. A full crashlog in the comments just takes unnecessary space and will be ignored.
  • You can disable any of these modded features with gamerules:

- Wraiths - allowWraithsSpawning - true/false,

- Haunters - allowHauntersSpawning - true/false

- Frenzied Knights - allowKnightsSpawning - true/false

- Flamebreathers - allowFlamebreathersSpawning - true/false

Graverisers - allowGraverisers - true/false

Burial sites - doGravesGenerate - true/false

- Grave Metal tools in hands of Skeletons (doesn't apply to armor!) - armedSkeletons - true/false

For more mob spawning configuration I highly recommend using InControl!.


no b's?


Well... not anymore. I decided to give up on them as the only thing I would really like to update are primarily creatures, and that's my main focus for now. I may consider bringing them back but the chances are very unlikely.

Modification files
UndeadUnleashed-1.1.1-1.18.2.jarUploaded on: 06/25/2023 - 08:07   File size: 2.03 MB
UndeadUnleashed-1.1.1-1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 06/25/2023 - 08:08   File size: 1.98 MB


- fixed (hopefully) weird spawning of mobs,

- fixed mobs stopping attacking th eplayer in some cases,

- reworked the Grave Metal set bonus,

- added blocks: Shaded Bricks, Ancient Dirt,

- added Burial Site features,

- added improved item tooltips,

- addded the Moonlight Greatsword,

- added a gamerule to disable Skeletons wielding axes and swords from Grave Metal,

- added GeckoLib as a dependency and animations for every mob except Frenzied Knights,

- renamed Lethal Spice effect to Flame Breathing,

- tweaked many sprites and textures,

- improved some models,

- changed some recipes


- slightly increased Wraith and Frenzied Knight spawn weight,

- Wraiths can now spawn in groups from 1 up to 2 entities,

- decreased Grave Metal Axe attack speed by 1 and increased the damage from 9 to 9.5,

- Haunters are no longer a flying entity (ai issues)

 1.0.3b (1.18.2)

- fixed broken Grave Metal Chestplate texture



- added Curios API as a dependency,

- reworked Wraiths and changed them to Shadewraiths,

- Geckolib animation improvements,

- grave Soil now spawns Skeletonsinstead of Haunters,

- texture, model, and sprite improvements,

- added new sounds for mobs as well as step/fly sounds for Haunters and Shadewraiths,

- removed Last Stand effect and replaced it with vanilla Resistance  for the GM armor set bonus,

- removed Grave Scythe from Shadewraiths loot,

- added a recipe for Reaping Scythe,

- added Tombdigger,

- added Charstone with it's both variants,

- added Ashthorn,

- added Graveriser,

- added Necrotic Dust,

- added Tome of Reflection,

- fixed spawning of most mobs,

- added a new recipe using Demon Horns,

- renamed Soul Remnants to Lost Soul,

- fixed Haunter sticking to players when spawning,

- fixed "lava fiend" name in the gamerule regarding Flamebreathers spawning,

- removed "Doomslayer" advancement,

- fixed Skeletons spawn from breaking Grave Soil during daytime


Thank you all! The development of the mod was a bit of a struggle for me but I'm glad you like it.

I don't where I can tell you that so...
I've take a look to your profile : all your mods are just amazing ! Good ideas, great textures, nice adds...
thanks for your incredible work.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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