Ghosty Hunt

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The ghosty hunt is a 1.19.2 mod which is basically about ghosts interaction and hunting, halfly inspired by an indie horror game also known as Phasmophobia.

It adds not only more than 20 ghosts around the overworld/nether/end but also some paranormal equipment and each ghost has around 30% of chances of dropping a special orb when they die. If you collect the orbs from all the ghosts, you can combine them into the Queen's orb with the help of the Summoning Table. All the ghosts who are under the sunlight will despawn after around 5 seconds!

If you want to summon the Ghosty Queen, you gotta make a redstone dust square (3x3), stand in the middle of the redstone square and drop the Queen's Orb right in the middle. When the queen is around, it becomes instantly night time and it stays like that until you defeat her.

And last but not the least, there's a brand new dimension called "Nightmare Land"! You can access to that by building a Nether styled portal with bone blocks and light it up with an "Ignited Smudge Stick"


GHOSTS (+ their locations)

  • Banshee (caves and plains)
  • Bloody Mary (hold a mirror in your main hand)
  • Demon (nether)
  • Deogen (desert)
  • Dibbuk (inside suspicious villagers)
  • Goryo (caves)
  • Hantu (snowy biomes)
  • Jinn (savanna)
  • Mare (caves and deep dark)
  • Moroi (jungle and caves)
  • Myling (anywhere)
  • Obake (swamp)
  • Oni (nether)
  • Onibi (nether)
  • Onryo (caves)
  • The Phantom (hills)
  • Raiju (hills)
  • Revenant (forests)
  • Shade (forests)
  • Spirit (soul sand valley, nether)
  • Thaye (badlands)
  • The Mimic (among some pumpkins)
  • The Poltergeist (anywhere)
  • The Twins (swamp)
  • The Wanderer (anywhere)
  • The Whisper (nightmare land)
  • Wraith (caves)
  • Yokai (forests)
  • Yurei (swamp)
  • Kora, The Queen (She only spawns through the ritual)
  • The Minion (it only spawns with the ghosty staff)


ITEMS (+ their uses)

  • Cross (Hold it in the main hand to weaken the Banshee, Spirit and Oni)

  • Dot glasses (It gives you night vision and allows you to see the Goryos, who are always invisible)


  • Summoning Table (You can use it to combine all the ghost orbs and make the queen orb. If you go over the orb and press shift while clicking, the orb will automatically go to its own place on the table)

  • Holy water (It gives you regeneration and at the same time weakness to the Revenant and the Demon)

  • EMF reader (It activates itself when there's a ghost nearby. The more you're close, the higher the level is)

  • Spirit box (With this item, you can communicate with the ghost by holding it in the main hand and asking questions through the game chat. For now, the questions that you can ask are "Where are you?", "How old are you?" and "Give me a sign")

  • Ghosty pizza (It attracts any ghost)

  • Smudge Stick (You can use it to craft an Ignited Smudge Stick with a flint and steel and ignite the portal to the Nightmare Land)

  • Monkey Paw (Just like in Phasmophobia, it guarantees you the following wishes: "I wish it was day time", "I wish it was night time", "I wish it started raining", "I wish it stopped raining", "I wish for a ghost orb". The last one has a small chance of success)

  • EVP Recorder (You can listen to the ghost's sounds by right clicking on it. You will be able to hear the voice if you're close to any ghost)

  • Advanced Cross (It's like a normal cross but not only it works on every ghost, but it also damages them!)

  • Mirror (If you hold it in your main hand and it's night time, it has a 1/1000 chance of breaking, summoning Bloody Mary)


  • Ghosty staff (dropped by the queen and has a small chance to summon a ghost pet aka The Minion)


Warning: This is my first time making a Minecraft mod and i made it completely by myself so there might be some bugs, but I'd appreciate some feedback. Also, this mod is single player only for now...






Modification files
ghosty_hunt_3.jar - GhostyHunt version 1.3.0Uploaded on: 09/04/2023 - 10:06   File size: 1.45 MB
ghosty_hunt_2.jar - GhostyHunt version 1.2.0Uploaded on: 06/30/2023 - 18:36   File size: 1.38 MB
ghosty_hunt_1.jar - GhostyHunt version 1.1.1Uploaded on: 06/08/2023 - 14:09   File size: 1.35 MB
ghosty_hunt_0.jar - GhostyHunt version 1.1.0Uploaded on: 05/27/2023 - 17:13   File size: 1.35 MB

September 4th, 2023 (1.3.0):

  • New Ghost: "Hag"
  • New Item: "Hag's blindfold" (It freezes nearby mobs and it can be dropped by the Hag)
  • New block/item: "Videocamera" (can be found on the ground in the overworld, be careful not to break it at night...)
  • New boss: "Vortex Watcher"

June 30th, 2023 (1.2.0):

  • New Ghost: "Charlie"
  • New Item: "Charlie Charlie Game (classic piece of paper with 2 pencils where you can talk to Charlie by typing "Charlie Charlie [insert questions]", if you ask "Charlie Charlie can you show yourself?" there's a 4% of chance they will spawn)
  • New Item: "Charlie's blessing potion"
  • New Item: "Charlie's tear"

June 8th, 2023 (1.1.1):

  • New Item: "Ghosty Sword" (It affects the ghosts only, killing them in 1 hit with 100% chance of dropping their orb. Although, the sword breaks after 1 hit towards any ghost)

May 27th, 2023 (1.1.0):

  • New Dimension: "Insomnia Realm" (When you wake up, there's a small chance you can end up there, in order to escape, you must find a white door)
  • New Ghost: "Puck" (Doesn't have its own orb)
  • New Ghost: "Oneiroi" (Warning: This ghost gives you jumpscares when you get close)
  • New Ghost: "The Stalker"
  • New Items: "Ghosty Book" and "Ghosty Book Written"
  • Fixed: Susupicious Villager'spawning along with Villagers when the player uses a Villager spawn egg
  • Fixed: Monkey Paw's message when the player finds more than 1 ghost nearby
  • Fixed: Daylight Cycle freezing when you enter the Nightmare Land and leave without going through the portal

May 18th, 2023 (1.0.7a):

  • New Addition: You can now say "I wish for knowledge"  while holding the Monkey Paw
  • New Addition: Particles around Obake
  • New Addition: Particles around Raiju
  • New Addition: Particles around The Twins
  • New Addition: Particles around Demon
  • New Addition: Particles around Yokai

May 13th, 2023 (1.0.6a):

  • New Addition: a broken glass sound plays when the mirror breaks
  • New Change: the mod's id is now "ghosty_hunt"

May 11th, 2023 (1.0.5a):

  • New Item: "Mirror"
  • New Ghost: "Bloody Mary"
  • New Sound: Whisper's living and hurt sound
  • New Textures: Mimic with melon texture and hay texture
  • New Blocks: Mimic Melon and Mimic Hay
  • Fixed: Whisper's animation
  • Fixed: Ghosty pizza's bounding box

May 6th, 2023 (1.0.4a):

  • New Item: "Advanced Cross" (made of netherite)
  • New Entity: "Suspicious Villager"
  • New Ghost: "Dibbuk"
  • Fixed: Mare's ability

May 1st, 2023 (1.0.3a):

  • Fixed: Cross' texture
  • Fixed: Wanderer's attack animation not playing
  • Fixed: Whispers not spawning in the Nightmare Land

April 30th, 2023 (1.0.2a):

  • New animations for all the entities

April 24th, 2023 (1.0.1a):

  • New Dimention: "The Nightmare Land"
  • New Ghost: "Onibi"
  • New Ghost: "The Whisper" (tamable with bones)
  • New Items: "Smudge Stick" & "Ignited Smudge Stick"
  • New Item: "EVP Recorder"
  • New Item: "Monkey Paw"

April 16th, 2023 (1.0.0a):

  • First version