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Posted by: Fredzik
File size: 659.71 KB
Total download count (all mod files): 1118
Mod changelog:


-Mod remade FROM A SCRATCH. More to come, enjoy what is currently ine the mod :)


- Many resprites and retextures,

- Changes in items,

- Added blocks: Shaded Bricks and it's variants, Blight O' Lantern,

- Added new mobs: wandering knights and their leaders,

- Added new weapon: H-F Murasama Blade. There will be bloodshed!

- Added Grave Structure

- Slightly reworked demon mob as well as it's loot table,

- Added new materials: fractured plating, blighted remains, embers, creeper husk,

- Added rusty tools,

- Fixed Revenant's broken spawn conditions (now it won't spawn in just slightly dark areas but actually spawn like regular baddies at night and in caves)

HOTFIX FOR 2.0.1  1.16.5:

- Fixed broken mob models for every custom mob

2.0.1 Hotfix b (only refers to 1.16.5, the 1.18.2 version didn't have these problems)

- Fixed minor texture issues with Revenant and Wandering Knights


- Added Deathbringer armor set,

- Added Cursed Cloth drop for Revenant,

- Greatly reduced Wandering Knights' spawn rate and their hp,

- Fixed (hopefully) potion effect overlay remaining after effect ends

2.0.2 b (1.18.2)

- quick fix for Wandering Knights UV maps


- added Grave Scythe weapon,

- slightly revamped the way custom spawners are activated now,


- Wandering Knights no longer spawn naturally, only in dungeons,

- changed Revenant spawn conditions and it's texture a bit

2.0.4 b

- fixes Haunters causing to crash the game after being killed by bow or (hopefully) with Epic Fight mod

- made Ectoplasm and Ashes stackable,

- added lost chamber dungeon,

- fixed Deathbringer Boots misspelling (previously Deathbringer Knights boots for some reason),

- fixed custom mob spawners not spawning mobs in some cases.


- Wandering Knights no longer spawn naturally, only in dungeons,

- changed Revenant spawn conditions and it's texture a bit

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