Undead Expansion

Published by Fredzik on Sat, 07/24/2021 - 20:15
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Undead Expansion is a work in progress mod for Forge aiming to expand undead creatures and not only undead ones in a way that does not ruin the "vanilla" experience.

It also adds a little magic. It's still just the first version and there is much more to come in the future.


Current features:

Curseforge page

Current features:

Necromantic Table

tableThis is probably one of the basics of the mod. Using this new functional block you can create mob essences which you can use to activate your own mob spawners!



These "items" are the main ingredient of Necromantic Table recipes. In order to get them you will need to enchant a sword with Reaping. It allows you to collect souls from killed mobs. The enchantment does not work on Ghosts and Bosses. It has 3 levels and with each level the chance of dropping a soul increases (lvl 1: 5%, lvl 2: 10%, lvl 3: 15%). Souls are unstackable.

Mob Essences:


Mob essences are another "items" items in the mod. Currently there are 5 (withered/wither skeleton, zombie, skeleton, spider and ender/enderman).

These can be used in Empty Spawners to create a functional mob spawner.


Empty spawner:

Empty spawner recipe is a basic Crafting Table recipe, use Just Enough Items to check them.











These were the most basic features. Now let's quickly describe other things:


A new stone type that spawns at y25 and lower. It can be used to make new bricks.

Dark Crystals:

These appear in a small structure which can be sometimes found at the same y levels as Grimstone, the crystal chasm.


New material spawning in ores at similar level to iron. Can be used to make Silver Tools and Armor. The sword and axe apply new Terror to Undead creatures.



New lesser material used to upgrade diamond tools with some new abilities.

Sword and Axe will give you new Shadow Rage effect if killed an enemy. There is also armor which gives you immunity to Terror and has a chance to set you on Shadow Rage if you get hit. You get the bonuses if you wear full set of armor. Has similar stats to Netherite but is not immune to fire.


Eye of Revealing:

A special item that on right click allows you and other players see invisible entities by giving the user Danger Sight effect for about a minute. It has cooldown.

Tools and Masks from bones:

Regular bone tools have harvest level equal to stone but with high efficiency and enchantability. The mask gives Terror effect to attackers.

Frozen Bone (a new drop from strays) tools: sword and axe will additionally weaken and slow opponents and mask in addition will also slow and weaken attackers.

Withered Bone (a new drop from wither skeletons) tools: sword and axe will additionally wither opponents and mask in addition will also wither attackers.


Mobs (current):



An Infernal hostile creature spawning in the nether. It has small wings but cannot fly. It's attacks have a chance to inflict Terror. When Demon is hurt it can set attackers on fire.

Demons are NOT classified as Undead

Drops: Demon Horn




Ghosts are creepy Undead creatures that appear only at night and in Soul Sand Valley in the Nether. Normally they are invisible and try to scare the player. They do it by attacking a nothing expecting player and making themselves visible, applying Terror and playing a cave sound. After they don't get attacked or attack for a few seconds they turn invisible again. They disappear at day. Meeting them can be really scary!

Drops: one soul (always), ghostly wrappings




An undead mob spawning in deserts and badlands, currently they have no special drops and uses. Ghouls can apply Weakness on attacks. They don't burn in sunlight.

Drops (to change):

Bones and Rotten flesh


Mob effects:


Gives Blindness and Slowness, deals magic damage over time.

Some vanilla mobs can now apply this effect on player (Endermen, Wither).

Danger Sight:

Applied by using Eye of Revealing, adds Glowing effect to all invisible entities. Very uselful in spotting Ghosts. Also as long as a ghost is touched by this effect, it will not apply terror to players.

Shadow Rage: 

Gives you speed and strength, spawns some particles around, is exclusive to shadowsteel tools and armor.


Some recipes have changed, I recommend using Just Enough Items mod.

Future Plans:

- More Mobs,

- Patchouli Guidebook,

- MAYBE more mob essences,

- Share your ideas! Let me know what would you like to see in the mod and I will consider adding your ideas.

Known bugs:

Let me know if something is wrong!




Mod author, textures, models


A cool software which allowed me to make this mod

Shaders used in images: BSL Shaders


 Have fun playing :D



- First release

1.0.0 Hotfix

- Fixed a bug that caused Dark Crystal Ores drop Silver Ingots


Small tweaks and balance changes:

- Grimstone is less common now,

- changed some recipes (vanilla crafting table),

- added polished Grimstone variant,

- Curse of Undeath now gives Slowness instead of Weakness II (somehow with weakness player couldnt deal damage in some cases),

- fixed Ghost spawning (it spawned everywhere, not only in Overworld and Soulsand Valley).


Balance changes:

- temporarily removed Curse of Undeath due to bugs and problems it caused.


- temporarily removed some items (vile armor, dark scepter, undead shards) to make better versions in later updates, to fit better with vanilla,

- retextured some content,

- added new abilities to shadowsteel,

- added bone tools and armor,

- added ghoul mob,

- added WIP features in creative mode only

Textures and GUI design here are simply amazing * . * what an awesome potential I see here! I also really love how much more vanilla themed it seems from ArcaneCraft, it fits much better my aesthetic needs, haha

Really nice mod, the textures and models are really good, I think I should remake a lot of my mod lol, because I'm seeing a lot of really amazing mods, this is one of the best mods I've seen.

omg new mod by Fredzik!!! looks really cool; something tells me this'll prolly be my favorite mod from you, ArcaneCraft II coming in at second X)
textures and all look amazing too. really great job! <3

Thanks! By the way the textures have (I think) improved much in Undead Expansion when in AC textures weren't that great (I mean very gradienty and pretty bad colors on some of them). I'm glad you like this one :)