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Published by axldaniel on Wed, 06/17/2020 - 06:15
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod will exploit your game (literally) it currently has 12 creepers which are:

swamp creeper

what are you doing in my swamp.

Skill: Exploding Loose Evoker Fangs

ghost creeper

because my name is a ghost if my face gets drunk. in short hypocrisy.

skill: flies to attack (has no explosive ability)

lucky creeper

kill or not kill that's the question

ability: explode and a creeper type appears

angry creeper

you'll be just as angry when I destroy your house

ability: it is faster and has more life than a normal one (it does not have explosive ability)

tnt creeper

a creeper and tnt equals total destruction

ability: explode less but leave tnt to destroy more

water creeper

I hope and do not bother you the drowned is a representation of your future

ability: does not explode but leaves water and a drowned

ender creeper

I like the place where I was born, I hope and it doesn't bother you

ability: drop end stone, shulkers and endermans

snow creeper

it's better to be slow but sure

skill: put snow blocks and strays

skeleton creeper

spooky scary skeletons

skill: drop skeletons and a block of bones

lava creeper

I hope you like the heat

skill: loose lava

ilusion creeper

Who needs friends when you have yourself?

skill:disappear and create multiple copies

dynamite creeper

don't worry I'm not going to exploit you I'm just going to send you flying

skill:throws dynamite that explodes and ignites on contact


and a secret tnt ;)

collect powders!!


Modification files
creeper mod alpha.jar - survive the explosive problems137.1 KB
creeper mod alpha2.jar - problems fixed(well almost)139.17 KB

creepers' problems were fixed (a little) if you know how to fix them completely please write

maybe improve the description and tell what the creepers actually do?