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This is a simple mod that adds Vampires to Minecraft along with the things that come with vampires including a not overpowered Lifesteal enchantment. Vampires have a 1% change to spawn in the place as zombies. They kill villagers, iron golems and players, and burn in sunlight like zombies but they are a lot harder to kill. First of all they have 18 hearts but they also have a chance when hurt to turn into a Vampire bat that is a way bigger darker and fanged version of the bat that is aggressive. Both the Vampire and the Vampire bat have glowing eyes. The Vampire bat when hurt will also have a chance to turn into a Vampire. When the Vampire turns into the Vampire bat it will keep its health but when it turns back into a Vampire it will regain all its health. The Vampire has a chance to steal 2 1/2 hearts from you when it hits you so it can just keep healing as you fight it. If you're having trouble fighting a Vampire you can craft a stake using a oak log on top, an oak plank under and stick at the bottom. When you right click a vampire with it, it will deal 4 hearts to the vampire. Just remember to not spam them because it deals the most damage once ever second or so. Vampires have a better chance to turn into Vampire bats when they are in sunlight so during the day you may see a lot of Vampire bats flying around that you will have to bring down with bows. Once killed Vampires and Vampire bats will have a chance to drop a Vampire fang. Two Vampire fangs can be crafted into a pair of Vampire Fangs that come with a Lifesteal enchantment. To add it to your sword you can drop it on the ground, sneak and hold the sword you want to enchant in your offhand. When you pick it back up you will have your sword enchanted. You will get the advancement Lifesteal (Attempt to mimic the power of the Vampire). Your Lifesteal will not be as good as the vampires Lifesteal as instead of gaining 2 1/2 hearts you just gain 1/2 a heart. I hope you like this mod and if you have any suggestions or bugs you found in the mod write them in the comments.

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