Night In The Woods Mod

Published by Freeglow on Thu, 11/29/2018 - 06:17
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Mae Gregg Bea And The Others Are In Minecraft Now Have Fun With Some New Items And A New Biome With a new Structure

Mobs: Mae: Neutral Drops: Sticks (Common) Mae's Bat (Rare). Gregg: Neutral Drops: Iron Ingot (Common) Gregg's Knife (Rare). Bea: Neutral Drops: Stone Shovel )Common) Iron Pickaxe (Rare) Angus: Neutral Germ: Neutral

Items: Mae's Bat Gregg's Knife 

Biomes: Possum Springs.

Structures: Broken Down Snack Falcon

Skins By fgsdfg

Modification files

Alpha 1: Alpha Release