rominas wild mod

Published by kian1388 on Tue, 05/12/2020 - 16:19
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I will make video about this

by kian1388

I was going to add link in curseforge but i coudnt

this mod adds in

deers (drop deer meat)

bird (fly and drop bird feather which you can make arrows with)

blue berrys (eatble and spawns in taiga biome)

white tree (spawns in snowy places and has custom leaves ect)

campfire (I made my own version use a flint and steal to light it up and then you can cook deer meat with eat)

I will make one for mc 1.15.2 

ok I will say more

soul soul (added in mc 1.16 snapshots soul soul will spawn in nether in soul near soul sand and if you use flint and still it will make blue fire)

blue fire (fire but blue and stronger that will burn you for 20 sec)

crab(will spawn in water crabs can breath both in water and air and they will drop crab shell)

crab shell(crab shell can be used to craft crab armour)

spear(spear is a custom weapon that can be used both melee and ranged attack melee:4 ranged:4 to 6)

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