Published by menel on Sat, 03/28/2020 - 17:54
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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-The ghost gives you blidness effect

-The BigFoot gives you nausea effect

New mobs:


100 health,5 attack damage to player.

He hold totem of undying to his off hand.

Drops:totem of undying like evoker


health and attack damage same as undead.

He wear armor,to his main hand hold his wand.

it's difficult to kill him because if you go near it will throw you lightning bolts and explosive.

Drops:Wizard Wand


1000 health 5 attack damage to player.

Gives you slowness effect if you go near.

Have fun!


Modification files
MoreMonsterMobs-mod-1.15.2.jar - This mod adds more and new monstermobs into minecraft114 KB

maybe i will add more mobs,but i need to replace these current mobs and then i can create the new mobs

do you want to add coronavirus as boss mod in overworld?

if you want to download my skin

Your mod looks cool, but I think using textures from others mods is not allowed (the Wizard Wand's textures looks the same as Electroblob's Wizardry's). You should change that.