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Minecraft Forge mod
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new animals + new farming mechanics + better models
-the animals breed naturally or by if you handfeed them with the foods crafted
-new realistic recipes for soups

curseforge link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/wildfarmcraft [new updates will be uploaded here]

- for 2 animals to breed they need to have a valid partner, and both need to have their stomach full, the breeding takes half of their stomach
- valid partners must be a close specie and opposite sex... for exemple, a domestic cow can have as valid partner: domestic bulls, male aurochs, male gaurs or male bison


-the Stomach of an animal works like "action points", the animal needs to have food in their stomach to produce things like wool, milk and eggs, if their stomach is below half of full, it won't produce

-the drops can increase depending on how full the stomach is

- animals stomach get fuller if they are handfeed with their favorite foods or if they graze food from the ground

Max Stomach of animals: - Big animals: 100 - Medium Animals: 50 - Small Animals: 30
Taming is a mechanic to prevent animals from having annoying behaviors like running away from you, hurting you or extra "wild stuff", they will get more player-friendly. - it is not worthy to tame animals you will kill, you will only waste the taming item For taming an animal you need to give them a special food, and that only works for baby animals, and when they grow up, they are already tamed. - for calves: apples - for lambs or baby goats: sweet berries - for piglets: any mushroom - for baby birds: pumpkin seeds


Modification files

-holstein cattle
-iberian cattle
-nelore cattle

-wild boar
-domestic pig

-merino sheep
-black sheep
-hampshire sheep

-turkey[wild and domestic]
-duck[wild and domestic]
-chicken[wild and domestic]
-pasture grass
-new way to cook soups
-fruit yogurt, cheese and curd
-cooked egg

Wow, this looks great, can't wait to see more animals with those gorgeous models and mechnics :D