Realm RPG: Creep & Crop

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Welcome to RealmRPG, a mod series featuring vanilla-like medieval fantasy additions!
Creep & Crop mod adds walking pumpkin-like plants with some halloween / harvest vibe, but without going too far from original game style and balance. 


'A bewitched pumpkin has gained the ability to walk (and bite off toes!)'

  • While it looks playful, it's a quite dangerous creature in early game.
  • Spawns above sea level anywhere except deserts and cold biomes.
  • Immune to cactus thorns.
  • Drops 1 Carved Pumpkin (50%), 1 Creeping Vine (50%), 1 Pumpkin Seeds (5%)
  • You can tame it with any candle. Supports Hexerei candles and Supplementaries candle holders (version 1.0.2+)
  • Tamed Creepling can be ordered to sit or follow (right click / sneak + right click).
  • Tamed Creepling will attack owner's enemies if not sitting and can be healed with bone meal (each restores 3 HP)

'A farmer's worst nightmare that come true. Halloween-ish Hallowed Weed'

  • Creepling's big brother with high damage and health.
  • Spawns above sea level anywhere except deserts and cold biomes.
  • Immune to cactus thorns and has high knockback resistance.
  • Has permanent high damage resistance which can be briefly decreased by attacking it with a hoe.
  • Has wide area slam attack which is dangerous for melee fighters.
  • Drops 1 Carved Pumpkin (50%), 1-3 Creeping Vine (100%), 1 Pumpkin Seeds (5%)



Pumpkin Gear
'Strange items kept durable due to bewitched sprouts of living pumpkins'

  • Creeping Sprout is a new material. Can be crafted into Vines, smelted into Green Dye, or combined with any pumpkins to make Pumpkin Gear. This item is also compostable (60%) or can be eaten to gain Regeneration (0:03). Additionally it can be used in many Farmer's Delight recipes as salad ingredient (cabbage counterpart).
  • Tools and armor share similar stats as iron gear. Tools have the harvest level of iron, except for the pickaxe, which is equal to stone, but all tools have faster mining speed.
  • Wearing a full-set of armor gives you Strength effect upon eating Pumpkin Pies. Helmet can optionally be replaced with a carved pumpkin, this will still give full-set bonus.
  • The armor has official Dragon Survival mod support:



Requires GeckoLib.

Animations don't work with shaders? Disable Entity Shadows in shader settings. 


  • Mod author - NoCube
  • Made with - MCreator, Blockbench, PaintNet
  • Inspired by - Gothic (series), Don't Starve Together

Permissions & FAQ:

  • You are allowed to use this mod in your videos and modpacks as long as credited and download link leads here.
  • You are not allowed to use assets of this mod (textures, models, etc) in your projects.
  • You are not allowed re-upload this mod to other websites and launchers. This also means no Aternos.
  • Content backport and Fabric version are not planned.
  • Bug reports and re-balance ideas are welcome.

More info & latest updates are available on Curseforge Mod Page

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realmrpg_creep_and_crop_1.0.1_forge_1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 10/29/2023 - 21:22   File size: 119.58 KB

Hey NoCube, have I seen your videos on YouTube, it's just a masterpiece, when are you planning to return to YouTube?