Female Mobs

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Ever since Minecraft was released, there were no genders for Mobs (Except for the Ender Dragon), even Notch confirmed that they're all genderless, until today! With this mod, there will not only spawn some "male-looking" mobs, but there will also be females! For now, there are only five female mobs, and these are:

Female Zombie

-Walks faster than normal zombies

-It looks like Alex!

Female Husk

-Doesn't burn in sunlight

-Smaller than a normal husk

-Faster than normal husks

-It also looks likes Alex!

-Immune to fire

Female Creeper

"Awww man"

-Has a happy face

-It has flowers on it!

-It doesn't light when it's about to blow...

-Has female eyebrows!

Female Villager

-Faster than a normal villager

-Will some times try to jump over a mob to trick it [Which most of the times will fail]

-Doesn't spawn in villages... INSTEAD, they will spawn in their own generated houses! Made by the creator! [Theres only an oak house by now, more will be added in the future]

-They can also spawn near your house! They can be found everywhere!

Female Desert Villager

-Just like the normal female villager, however, they spawn in deserts!

-Has some better textures (in my opinion)

-Automatically generated sandstone house! With a hidden Treasure! OoOOoOo! [And Llamas!]

-Due to being in the sand for a long time, they're slower

-Drops raw rabbit food

-Rarely drops water bottles!

-Female Desert Villagers have spent most of their lifetime trying to survive in the desert, making them have 24 health! due to toughness

-Has a sad face :(

-Female Desert Villagers are very skilled in the desert, they can avoid taking damage from cactuses!

(All textures from these mobs are created by me)


Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
femalemobs.jar - Made with McCreator | Adds female mobs to the game40.29 KB
FemaleMobs0.0.2.jar - The newer version [ 0. 0. 2 ]87.72 KB

Version 0.0.1:

Added Female Zombie

Added Female Husk

Added Female Creeper

Localizations: English (US) and Portuguese (Brazil)

Version 0. 0. 2:

Added Female Villager

Added Female Desert Villager [A Female Villager that only spawns in deserts]

Added Female Villager's oak house

Added Female Desert Villager's house

Female Zombie's HP decreased by 15 (Suggested by TALLZOMBIE12345)

Female Husk's HP decreased by 15 (Suggested by TALLZOMBIE12345)

Female Creeper's HP decreased by 17 (Suggested by TALLZOMBIE12345)


This looks good!

Do you think you could tell me how you made them smaller? I'm having trouble doing that for my mod