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Mobs of Mobs is a mod that adds vanilla-like mobs that fit into Minecraft to make combat more interesting and rewarding. This mod is still in dev and many things might not work as intended!


Flaming raider:


One of the new MiniBosses in the mod is the Flaming Raider. He rarely spawns in the nether, has a lot of melee damage, and it will also burn players close to its hitbox! Drops fiery shards(no use yet) and lava walking boots! The lava walking boots lets you walk in the huge nether lava lakes by turning lava in a 3*3 area into stone! There is also a fireball wand that he's supposed to drop, but it's currently W.I.P.

Cursed armor&Wight:


These 2 mobs are the Cursed Armor and the Wight. The Cursed Armor has pretty high damage and it is immune to arrows. It also has a lot of health and armor, and it can even spawn with a sword or mithril armor sometimes. The Wight is faster and deals more damage than your regular zombie, and it also does not fear the sun!


The Dynamite is a new mob that is added in R11. It is a grey endermite that does little damage but explodes on death. They spawn in mountain-ish biomes in groups of 2. Drops gunpowder and rarely tnt.

Mithril Gear:


Mithril is a new type of material that is a lot stronger than diamond with less durability. Right now, you can only obtain mithril armor by killing cursed armor. But a proper way to obtain them through the pyroforge is in the works.
(There are more features but they are W.I.P, these are only the working features stable features!)

Misc Info

-This mod is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
tl;dr: You can use this in modpacks as long as you credit me (crispy_chips1234) as author and you don't use this mod for commercial purposes.

-Discord invite link:

-Curseforge page: The older files are on curse since mcreator only allows 4 files.

-Source: Only agreed contributors can make mcreator commits.


Minecraft (then Mojang/Microsoft) for making the game that changed the history of games 

MCreator (then Pylo) for making this awesome mod-builder, Blockbench and Techne

Connected Textures Mod

Our amazing texture makers, namely Blackout, Brade, Aixiis, and RaolTheBest

Everyone else hat helped and/or supported me

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Minecraft Forge mod
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R12.jar - R12 - Stable263.66 KB
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+new secret recipe for the penguin feather

+added a secret weapon...

~penguins are now neutral mobs that cannot be bred

~Wights attack villagers

~sorted creative tab... again

!fixed broken stats of mithril tools

!penguin spawn eggs were named wrong

!crushed a bunch of bugs




They spawn in cold biomes. They could be bred.

Their feathers can craft 4 arrows at once

+Creative Tab

+Boots of fire

It allows players to turn lava in a 3*3 radius to stone. Makes you walk on lava!

+Flame Essence



spawns in mountain biomes

not much damage, but explodes on death!
Drops gunpowder and rarely TNT

Known bugs:
Animation of dynamite is weird

This is really cool! This would fit in with the vanilla game nicely, as it has that kind of feel

Ha! I found it without the link! I just looked at the mod page, and I remember you on Discord talking about it. Looking good, mate!