Wierd mobs mod.

Published by Mati168 on Mon, 04/06/2020 - 16:10
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This mod adds 12 new mobs to your game 3 passiveĀ  6 hostile and 2 traders.

The villager chicken can be bread with nether wart and seeds drops emeralds.

The ender cow spawns only in the end can be bread with wheat drops ender pearls.

The Neon cow can be bread with wheat drops sam things as a cow will.

The tnt yeeter explodes like a creeper and drops gunpowder.

The shrek spawns in swampland and its like a zombie but its a shrek.

Wierd slime its really wierd behavors like a zombie it spawns in swampland

the grass slime same behavors lika a wierd slime but it can camofladge it spawns in swampland

The lurker spawns in swampland underwater same as a zombie but underwater.

The classic minecraft spider form infdev same behavors and drops like a normal spider

Pigmen (warning he has a glitched texture) you can trade with him i forgot where it spawns i thing i did so he willl spawn in nether.

Meme villager spawns wild you can trade with him.

also normal villagers can be found in the wild.

the creeper pig it will behavor same as a creeper but its a green pig

Modification files
Wierd mobs mod 1.0.0.jar - 1.0.0113.06 KB

-added shrek

-added tnt yeeter

-added meme villager

-added lurker

-added grass slime

-added wierd slime

-added ender cow

-added villager chicken

-added neon cow

-added creeper pig

-added classic spider

-added pigman

-villagers can now spawn in the wild.