Biome Skeletons

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Minecraft Forge mod
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since the Biome Zombies Mod was a cool idea and you liked it I decided to make a project with different versions of Biome Mobs.
Today It's Biome Skeletons's turn a mod like the Biome Zombies mod only with skeletons the mod adds various skeletons that appear in slandered biomes e.g. a desert skeleton or a swamp skeleton write me your mob wish in the comments which mob should get a variant? hope you like the mod and lots of fun

Modification files
Biome Skeletons 1.15.2.jar - Biome Skeletons KB

I think that the Biome Zombie mod did better in terms of textures. Only this fire skeleton looks nice

Some advice:
1.Why is there both a frozen skeleton and an ice skeleton, just have one (or none.. see 2)
2. Strays are already in vanilla as the biome variant for snow biomes, we don't need more
3. Renaming the "Hell Skeleton" to "Nether Skeleton", I'm not complaining about how wither skeletons exist, because they clearly have different traits and I can see them both fitting together.
4. Maybe remove the red eyes on the Desert Skeleton?
5. Also for Desert Skeleton, it would be great with some nomad or arabic-style robes and a scimitar. I don't know if you can make a custom armour like that though, so maybe just the scimitar.
6. The Mooshroom Skeleton would look better with the mushroom parts only partly covering it like the Hell Skeleton. Also it would look better with mushrooms growing out of it.