Mythical And Magical Beasts

Published by blackneo on Sat, 04/11/2020 - 21:24
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In development
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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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List of added content

-Pals! Create and edit things through a GUI block!

-Belly drake (Beta versions)


Showcase of the new entity, Grabbers!

-Wizards (Male and Female)

-Cacti Monsters (Beta versions)

-Melon Men

-Melon Agents

-Agent Structures

Shot of an Agency

Agents and Agencys


-Farmer Huts



-Consumers (Default, Fire, Ice, Lime)

Consumers in the Outlands


-Scare Crows

ScareCrow made using structures!

-Liquidfier (Beta versions, Mini Boss)

-The King (Non hostile Boss)

The First new boss! The King

-Core Birds (Beta versions)



Consumers in the Outlands

-New armour and weapons!

-Powerful 21 damage sword! (Liquid Sword)

-New ores (Tradoz, Diabone, Dodust etc)

-Locked Containers 



-More coming soon to 1.5!


Modification files
MythicalAndMagicalbyBN.jar - Mythical and Magical 1.0 Download2.17 MB

1.0 (All basic Elements)

Beta 1.5 (Soon will make more use of Pals)

Hey guys if you have any sounds or would like to help with the mod, please reply below!

Cool mod, could you add a dragon or goblin?