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Gnumus Settlement - mod that adds new mobs to the game, small structures and settlements, new useful items and decorative blocks. All structures are freely generated in any other biomes from other mods, the same goes for new mobs. The mod will diversify your world well, making it a little more alive, and new items can help you survive.
Weapons from the mod are combined with the Better Combat.
Mod requires GeckoLib to work.


Gnumus Hunter

It can be found both in settlements and at night as ordinary monsters
(appearance can be disabled using the /gamerule command, then it will only be found in settlements and structures).
The hunter lives up to its name and will attack both the player and animals such as pigs, sheep and rabbits.
 So keep your livestock away from these guys.


Gnumus Worker

Unlike hunters, it is found only in settlements and is not particularly willing to rush into battle,
spotting a player from a shorter distance, which is much weaker in battle.


Gnumus Shaman

It is found only in the largest settlements. Can fight in both melee and ranged combat.
Uses magic as a means of ranged combat, and when it hits a player, it imposes a
weakness on that player, and when it hits another Gnumus, on the contrary,
it will increase its strength, although other Gnumus may not appreciate such support...

Gnumus Merchant

Neutral to the player Gnumus. It is found periodically wandering around
the world. You can trade with him by giving him (right-click) Gnumus Doubloons
or Gnumus Doubloon Pile. In return, he will give you the Wrapped Goods.
Giving him a Pile of Gnumus Doubloons will guarantee you a more valuable
Wrapped Good. If you hit a Gnumus, he will place a curse that will prevent you
from trading with the Gnumus Merchants for a while.

Marsupial Mouse

Neutral animal. Can be found all over the world except in cold biomes.
If the player hits the mouse, it will summon 3 more little mice that will rush
to attack the player along with the adult mouse. However, if you give the
mouse Gnumus Cheese, it will give you a random valuable item in return,
the most common of which is Vintage Metal.


Pitcher Mouse

You can meet her with a small chance by breaking loot jugs, or by attacking
the Marsupial Mouse. A disturbed mouse will immediately rush to attack the
player. Let it be weak, but extremely nimble and small, which makes it difficult to hit it.


Big Snout

Found in small groups in most warm or temperate grassy biomes.
Neutral to the player, both an adult and a young individual can attack in response.
They can be bred with Overripe Carrots. They are a source of Juicy Meat.

Gnumus Pouches

You can get them by killing Gnumus, breaking pots, or in the chests of Gnumus
settlements. By pressing the right mouse button, you will open the bag and get its
contents in the form of random loot and several units of experience. Bags come
in three types of rarity, the higher the rarity of the bag, the more valuable the loot,
but the smallest bag may be empty.


Gnumus Pickaxe and Gnumus Cutlass

Crafted with Gnumus Claws. Possessing a special property when crafting an item,
they receive the Fortune enchantment for a pickaxe and Looting for a Cutlass of the
third level. However, these tools have extremely low durability and only last a few
uses, so use them wisely.
You can upgrade these items with Vintage Alloy Ingot, which will greatly increase
the durability and effectiveness of these tools.


Lucky Hat

Brings good luck to whoever wears it.


Gnumus Doubloons

Can be smelted into gold nuggets, when smelted it gives quite a lot of
experience. More experience is given in the smelting furnace.
 Also used to trade with Gnumus Merchan


Gnumus Cheese

Can be obtained from Gnumus Bags, by breaking Pots, or from chests in
Gnumus Settlement. Removes all effects when eaten like milk. You can give
it to the Marsupial Mouse and get a random reward.


Vintage Metal

It is extremely rare to get it as loot from Gnumus bags and chests, but the most
efficient way to get this metal is to feed the Marsupial Mouse with Gnumus Cheese.
When combining several pieces with copper, you will receive an ingot that can
be used to craft and improve new tools.



Vintage Universal Tool

An extremely effective tool capable of mining any type of blocks, and when you press
Shift RMB, it activates a temporary accelerated digging mode, which increases the speed
of block mining and also allows you to dig 3 by 3 blocks. At the end of the effect, you will
not be able to use accelerated digging for some time.

The mod adds various structures such as small ruins of former settlements, as well as full-fledged Gnumus settlements. In the new structures, you will be able to find chests and jugs, upon destruction of which you will receive random loot. All buildings appear in any biomes suitable for soil type and temperature, including biomes from other mods. You can also disable the spawning of each structure individually with the /gamerule command, or when creating a world in the same game rules.

Modification files
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Excellent textures, and the models are amazing, congratulations on MOTW you definitely deserve it.

Love pots. I myself am making loot pots in my deep dark mod! (They have wheat, seeds, glowberries, echo shards, bones, and/or bonemeal)

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (