Better Creatures

Published by D4ark001 on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 10:19
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If you want a new adventure with creatures never seen before download this mod and enjoy yourself.


You will see in this mod :




-Dwarf Werewolf





-Japig (5 colors)

-Saci (Brazilian Folklore)




-Ammit (Egyptian Demon)





-Sugitoite (A blend of Benitoite and Sugilite)



-Sugilite Sword

-Benitoite Sword

-Sugitoite Sword


So far this is it, I hope you like it, I'll bring some updates soon.


Modification files

good mod but you could add maticores (and that can be tamed), also tigers, zebras, camels, koalas, grizzly, Hyena and collotes

Looks very good and original, I will hopefully try it once I get home! I especially like Ammit mob- great Idea and would you mind if I would inspire and add it into my mod too? Not your Ammit, I would make one myself :D

Have a great day, God loves you <3

Bro, i didn't create him, he is a being from egyptian mythology, so feel free to do something like that. thanks a lot for the compliment. at the moment i'm taking a break from minecraft, but if you want i have several mobs ideas, anything call.

Good mod :D, I just tried it :D
Some mobs are very strong (for ex. ammit)
Overall good mod :D ! My favorite mob is Koala :)
Have a great day, brother...keep up the good work ;) You have a great potencial within
God loves you <3