Jim's Wilder Mod II

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Jim's Wilder Mod 2.0 After Losing all the progress of Jim's Wilder mod I have made a new version. In this new Mod you open a new world in minecraft you find that nothing new has seemed to be added to minecraft till you realize these new mobs called biphibians are roaming about not harming anyone just taking up space And a new mineral has started to appear called chasmium this chasmium has a link to the other world in which these biphibians came from. For the time beig please install an NEI, JEI or whatever to view crafting recipes


  • Biphibian (peaceful Mob great source of food) Hp 10
  • Chameleon (hostile Mob (only found in the grovene dimension) Drops Chameleon scales and chroma tears) Hp 22 Damage 5
  • Tyranilisk (Hostile mob drops Tyranilisk Scales) Hp 55 Damage 12 (stay clear of these they will bite you
  • Dwarf (peaceful Mob) Hp 16 |Only in the grovene Dimension due to harsh environments dwarfs use to be villagers and because of their peaceful attitude they have become Smaller in size aswell as their lifespan.
  • Dwarf Knight (hostile Mob) Hp 16 damage 5 |full chain armor| As long as you don't attack it it won't attack you they attack all the mobs in the grovene dimension accept for Dwarfs
  • Bushel Berry Monster (Hostile Mob) hp 12 damage 3 A monster which spawns from false bushel berry seeds


  • Mossy Block: The block used to plant bushel berry bush's its abundant in the grovene dimension
  • Bushel Berry Bush:  A plant that produces bushel berry
  • Chasmium Ore
  • Chasmium Block: Decoration Vlock
  • Chasmite Block: Gateway to the Grovene Dimension
  • Smart Glass: Really hard Glass (WIP)


  • Chroma Scale
  • Chroma Tear
  • Biphibian Meat
  • Earthly Ball: Portal igniter
  • Bushel Seeds
  • Chasmium Nugget
  • Chasmium Chunk
  • Chasmium Ingot
  • Chasmium Blade
  • Smart Fabric
  • Visor Sheet
  • Tyranilisk Scales
  • Tyranilisk Meat
  • Cooked Tyranilisk
  • Power Core
  • False Bushel Seeds


  • Chroma Armor
  • Soldier Armor ( not all pieces of armor are working properly for this one will be fixed)
  • Smart Armor



  • Bushel Berry | Grants strength
  • Bushel Berry Jam | Grants strength 2
  • Bushel Berry Pie | Grants Strength 3 fills up hunger no matter what
  • Tyranilisk Meat
  • Cooked Tyranilisk
  • Biphibian Meat


One last thing is that the Grovene Dimension has a small village 

Modification files


this is the Very first update of this mod


Upcoming (0.0.2)

*Adding new Chivious Raptor to the Grovene Dimension.

*Adding new material screw Bolt

*New Dimension

*The rest is Secret