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Posted by: GreaterCreationYT
File size: 2.91 MB
Total download count (all mod files): 189
Mod changelog:

Bug Fixes


Overall changes

The Finale Update

Removed the "creative command block user" item

Added a new song for when you finally obtain the command block (Plays on pickup) called "The Final Achievement"

The Command Block can now be used in your offhand (for the enchant command)

Compression Crafting 

Pistons are now required in order to make the command block, as seen in Minecraft: Story Mode

Wither Storm Update

Mod now has support for Cracker's Wither Storm Mod!

Added new GUI accessible whenever the Cracker's Wither Storm Mod is installed
4 new preset commands:

  • Set Storm Phase - Sets the phase of the Wither Storm
  • Set Storm Consumed Entities - Sets how many entities the Wither Storm has consumed in it's current phase
  • Explode Storm - Blows up the Wither Storm
  • Enchant Book - Enchants any book in the main/off-hand  of the player with the power of the Command Block

The Order Update

Fixed not being able to craft the Bottom Crafting Table with DoLimitedCrafting enabled
Added 4 new advancements:

  • All Combatants Tremble (Gabriel The Warrior)
  • Sparking an Era of Invention (Ellegaard The Redstone Engineer)
  • Destructive Creativity (Magnus The Rogue)
  • Builder Of Worlds (Soren The Architect)

Teleportation Presets update

Added new Teleportation Presets to the Command Block Presets GUI

Added a new advancement for beating the game using the command block

Fixes and Extensions

Added back the Order Of The Stone advancements, and added a new one.
Changed the "Builder Of Worlds" advancement to be a Cracker's Wither Storm Mod exclusive advancement.

Made it so that the game pauses whenever you are in the Command Block GUI (and presets)

Update for 1.18.2 will come out soon

I lied, this mod is now for 1.19.2 and up only.

"Pazazz" Update

Added new animation for when you create the Command Block. (This mod now requires Geckolib3)

Added new advancement and changed the functionality of the "Builder Of Worlds" advancement.

  • Potions Master (Ivor)

"Pazazzier" Update

Made the animation for creating the Command Block a bit better, and closer to the animation in Minecraft: Story Mode
Made the Command Block (while building) glow.

Basic Update
Added a new fail animation for when the command block fails to craft (Works with the kaboom gamerule)

Changed the textures for the Command Block Crafting Tables

Added a new Revive Storm preset for the Cracker's Wither Storm presets extension.
Cleaned up some code

Ultimate Weapons Update

Added the Ultimate Sword

Added the Ultimate Axe

Added the Ultimate Pickaxe

Added the Ultimate Shovel

Added the Ultimate Hoe

Added the Ultimate Enchantment Book (likely going to change how it looks in the future)

Added the Ultimate Enchanting GUI (In the command block)

All Ultimate Weapons are compatible with Cracker's Wither Storm Mod, and can deal damage to the command block, however, are much more Minecraft: Story Mode Accurate, Meaning they have canon textures, and abilities. The Ultimate Weapons can kill ANYTHING in one hit, even if it has over 100,000 HP. They are also capable of destroying unbreakable blocks, such as bedrock, command blocks, structure blocks, and barrier blocks. Enjoy your new toys enchanted with the power of the command block itself.

Structure Block Ascension

Added functionality to the structure block in survival (you're gonna have to break reality a bit to get it though)

Made it so you can push and pull the Command Block Crafters with sticky pistons

might've tweaked a few things? I can't remember exactly what I did LMFAO.

oh yeah, one more thing: UPDATE FOR THE 1.18.2 VERSION BABY LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO

Fixed and ready to play!
Added a secret way to get the Structure Block (although it's not really a secret cus I'm gonna tell you right now: Break the Command Block while it's being built with one of your infinitely powerful tools!)

Made it so that whenever the Command Block breaks (this will also break reality a tiny bit, so be warned) while building, it will stop all sounds, and will not create the Command Block

Made it so that you can actually use the Structure Block in survival in ALL versions (1.18.2 kinda has a different way of using the /place command)


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