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This mod is designed for players looking for longer gaming experiences. I’m one of those players, and after defeating the dragon, I don’t have much to do, so I stop playing on that save. My mod offers gameplay that lasts at least a dozen hours of acquiring new weapons, tools, and other items to enhance the gameplay. It also introduces new challenges, such as battling new enemies and bosses

The mod is a fusion of my favorite universes from games and movies. It’s also a combination of all the mods I’ve released so far because it was created before them. All the mods I’ve released to date have borrowed solutions from it

Attention! This mod requires the installation of another modification called AttributeFix[​link]

I credit all the creators whose work I used in my mod under this link. Thank you all once again!

What exactly does the mod offer?

Special leveling system
By pressing the G key, you can open the menu where your current level is displayed. To increase your level, defeat more enemies



25 different melee weapons with a new damage mechanic
The mod offers 6 sets of melee weapons, each set unlocking at a specific level







20 different firearms and other thrown weapons
In the mod, the higher your level, the greater terror you can unleash with firearms. Starting from classic pistols and rifles, and ending with miniguns, flamethrowers, and homing rocket launchers







10 different elixirs
At some point, you are able to learn how to brew potions and drink them without killing yourself. They provide powerful bonuses to the player, making it easier to defeat enemies


Many new vehicles
In the mod, you can create tanks, agricultural machinery, tractors, or cars. Everyone will find something for themselves; you can cultivate wheat, drive a car, or destroy enemies using tanks



14 types of new ores
In the mod, there is a variety of ores found in different parts of the world. Additionally, there is a smelting furnace where you can mix these ores to obtain further metal derivatives


16 different types of functional machines/blocks
In the mod, there are various machines available, such as an air compressor for filling air tanks, a refinery for producing various products from oil, a generator for generating electricity, and a whole bunch of other machines


Dragon coins
In the mod, there is a special currency called Dragon Coins that you can use to buy new weapons, construction schematics, armor, materials, vehicles, and many other things. You can earn Dragon Coins by selling heads of defeated enemies, selling grain, selling materials, or looting safes of defeated enemies


16 different types of manual tools, plus 3 electric tools
Besides the 6 sets of weapons available at specific levels, the same applies to tools. In the mod, you can craft a whole variety of picks, shovels, axes, and hoes. Additionally, at higher levels, you'll be able to make chainsaws or mining drills



A huge variety of new enemies
The higher your level, the more challenging enemies you can encounter. The enemies available in the mod are truly diverse; you can encounter knights, bandits, hussars, soldiers, mages, paladins, assassins, cursed beings, and so on


New armor repair system
In my mod, no weapon is completely destroyed. If the durability of a tool/weapon/armor part drops to 0, you can repair it where it was created


9 new types of armor
In addition to having better tools and weapons, you gain the ability to create increasingly effective armor


Many new structures filled with enemies
You'll find here knights' castles, military bases, magical fortresses, castles, desert cities, towers, and much more


And a whole bunch of other things!

Useful videos to get better acquainted with my mod:

All weapones showcase

Vehicles guide

Big Tractoer Guide

Refinery showcase

Helicopter showcase

Harvesting wheat guide

Javelin guide

Minigun guide

How to make fabricator Mk. II


In the mod, there’s a special leveling system that increases as you defeat progressively tougher enemies. With each unlocked level, you gain access to more powerful and gameplay-enhancing items, weapons, vehicles, tools, machines, armor, and much more. The complete list of items you unlock as you progress in the game is available [​here]


The mod is really extensive, so to make it easier to find information, I’m providing links to useful resources that will help you navigate the world of MCPF


If you don’t find a topic below that addresses your concern, feel free to ask me a question at

Some articles posted on my website may be outdated or not current because I often change things in the mod, so it's best to check my YouTube videos to stay up to date with what's happening

Mana harvester
Loot cases
Tank Mk. II
Melting alloys
Mana extractor


Modification files
MCPF Mod 1.20.1 1.18_0.jarUploaded on: 05/05/2024 - 16:15   File size: 40.44 MB

Today's update includes:

  • Added an upgraded version of the electric drill and combat knife - the Gas-powered Drill and Enhanced Combat Knife (To obtain them in survival mode, you need to download the MCPF BF addon).
  • Fixed a bug causing untransformed Adolf to have the same HP as his titan version.
  • Added a depleted uranium ingot - it can be used to upgrade the electric drill and combat knife to enhanced versions.
  • Changed the frequency of structure spawns.
  • Most structure chests will no longer be empty; items should now appear in them.
  • Fixed a bug where a box containing 56 bullets for the military rifle would only yield 30.
  • Improved the appearance of the MCPF interface.
  • Updated the mechanics of colossal titan battles

Discord image links expire after a while, I recommend using some more permanent image upload service

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

The pictures on the page seem to have some trouble loading, but I figure you'll fix it in a bit :D

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Twitter page (

Hey, I have one question about your mod - do you have all the author permissions for the assets used (like models and skins)?

Hey, practically all the models are created by me (except for one crossbow and a few others for which I have permission from the authors). Some skins I make myself, but for ALL the rest, I have permission from their creators (yes, I wrote to every author on Planet Minecraft asking for permission to use it in exchange for a mention somewhere in my project). If you want to see the full list of who is who, practically at the top of the mod, there is a link to the list of creators - there is information about the sites that allow the use of available sounds in exchange for credits, information about skin creators, and information about structure creators (most are my friends, but there is one person who built a beautiful castle - "Castle of Leczyca" - under the video presenting this castle, there is my comment in which I ask for permission).

Hey, thank you so much for believing in my project. Following your suggestion, I submitted it for the Mod of the Week. Soon, there will be another update adding new features and fixes

Hey, I hope you enjoy my mod. I believe it might be underrated because it's a mix of many universes, games, movies, and mechanics, so it may not interest everyone. It's already uploaded to CurseForge, but due to my slow internet, I often don't feel like uploading it everywhere